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Homewood Health Mental Wellness Sessions

Health, Safety and Wellness, in conjunction with Homewood Health, would like you to “join the conversation” regarding mental wellness. We are pleased to present our first two mental wellness sessions for 2022 aimed at providing resources and tools to support your personal mental wellness.  Each session will be presented by a Homewood Health representative, via Zoom, and is one hour in length. 

There is a maximum capacity of 50 participants (faculty and staff) per session so act now! (first come, first served).

Session #1:  Self-Compassion

Date: Wednesday, January 26
Time: 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Facilitator: John Jackson (Homewood Health)

Session Description:
Practicing self-compassion can sometimes be viewed as self-indulgent, self-absorbed or letting ourselves off easy.  In fact, self-compassion enables us to evaluate our experiences more rationally and also kicks in to help us develop more effective solutions for making things better. Research shows that practicing self- compassion is a powerful tool for motivation and is strongly related to psychological well-being, including increased life satisfaction and resilience and decreased anxiety and depression.

During the Self Compassion session participants will:

  • Explore what self-compassion is
  • Self-assess their own level of self-compassion
  • Learn how self-compassion relates to psychological well-being
  • Understand how self-compassion can have a positive impact on their personal and career goals
  • Gain strategies to develop self-compassion

Session #2:  Psychological Hygiene

Date: Wednesday, February 16
Time: 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm
Facilitator: John Jackson (Homewood Health)

Session Description:
From a very young age we adopt common physical hygiene habits such as brushing our teeth, washing our hands and taking regular showers.  What about hygiene habits that focus on our mental health? This one-hour interactive session will increase participant awareness and understanding of psychological hygiene and highlight the factors that can promote and preserve good mental health. Participants will gain practical tools and resources to activate their own personal psychological hygiene practice.

During the Psychological Hygiene session participants will:
  • Become familiar with the concept and importance of psychological hygiene
  • Enhance their knowledge of the factors that can promote good mental health
  • Be equipped with tools, resources and strategies for the development of a successful personal psychological hygiene practice
  • Develop a personalized plan to put your psychological hygiene practice into action


For more information on how to register for one (or both) sessions, log on to UR Source here (Training & Workshop Registration)

The Working Mind

The Working Mind (TWM) is an evidence-based program created by the Mental Health Commission of Canada and is designed to promote mental health and reduce the stigma around mental illness in the workplace. This program helps organizations create a culture that fosters a greater awareness and support for mental health among employees, managers, and employers by reducing stigma and discrimination. After completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate indicating their trained status.

The Working Mind Objectives:

  • Reduce the stigma around mental illness
  • Promote your organization’s mental health
  • Transform the way participants think and talk about mental health and mental illness
  • Help participants identify poor mental health in themselves and others
  • Give participants for coping skills to manage stress and poor mental health
  • Review mental health rights and responsibilities
  • Create a more supportive work environment

The Working Mind course offers easily applied scenario-based lessons, videos that feature people with lived experience of mental illness, reference guides, and practical handouts.

TWM for employees offers practical knowledge to increase participants’ overall comfort level with mental illness. On completing the course, employees will be able to:

  • understand mental health and mental illness
  • recognize its signs and indicators, in themselves and others
  • reduce stigma and negative attitudes toward people with mental health problems
  • support colleagues with mental health problems
  • maintain their own mental health and improve their resilience.


  1. Mental health and mental illness in the workplace
  2. Stigma and discrimination in the workplace
  3. The Mental Health Continuum Model
  4. Self-care
  5. Creating a supportive workplace
  6. Practical application

The Working Mind  is delivered in three (3) 1.5 hour sessions below, via Zoom, and are FREE for UofR staff and faculty.

Each session is facilitiated by Kayla Stefan, Coordinator (Respectful University Services) and Rob McCaffrey, Mental Heath Advisor (Health, Safety & Wellness/HR).  Maximum capacity per session is 15 participants and is on a first come, first served basis!

Monday, December 13 - 10:00 am to 11:30 am
Tuesday, December 14 - 10:00 am to 11:30 am
Wednesday, December 15 - 10:00 am to 11:30 am

Participants must attend all three sessions in order to receive the course completion certificate.

For more information on how to register, log on to UR Source here.

Mindful Mondays

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