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                COVID 19:  Transition and Change

Homewood Health will be hosting a webinar focused on the transition and change throught the COVID-19 pandemic.

While living within a global pandemic, our lives have changed in many unexpected ways over the last two years.  Although we know change is constant, our current experience with COVID-19 has proven this beyond a doubt.  Living through the pandemic has brought change personally, socially and professionally to each one of us.

On Tuesday, September 21 and Wednesday, September 22, Homewood Health will present:  COVID-19 Transition and Change, hosted by Katherine Sisak and Glen Matadeen (English) and Vanessa Forgues (French).

Katherine Sisak, MSW, RSW, RP

Katherine Sisak has worked as a clinician and manager in the field of mental health and addiction for over 10 years in a variety of settings including hospitals, outpatient clinics, shelters, inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation programs, and private practice. She has been with Homewood Health since 2016, first as the Trauma Specialist at the Homewood Health Clinic working with first responders consulting for trauma-related issues, and currently as a Clinical Manager with Disability Prevention Services. Katherine holds registration with the OCSWSSW as a social worker, and as a psychotherapist with the CRPO.

Glen Matadeen, M.Ed

Glen Matadeen is President of WorkLife Happiness Inc. As an Advanced Corporate Educator, Coach and Keynote Speaker, Glen has been transforming the way people think, learn, and succeed for over 25 years. His core focus is creating psychologically healthy work environments by educating leaders and employees on how to build a positive, productive, and inclusive workplace, while minimizing risks and reducing operating costs.

Glen currently leads corporate workshops, seminars, and webinars on over 50 wellness and business topics for his own company and through contracts with three major employee benefits companies, including Homewood Health. Glen has presented training sessions across many industries including, banking, education, government, healthcare, informational technology, insurance, not-for-profit, pharmaceuticals, real estate, transportation, and utilities.

Glen holds an Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Education. He completed Certificates in Psychological Health and Safety, Adult Training and Development, Social Work and Solution-Focused Brief Coaching. Glen is also an ICF Certified Coach, a member of Advanced 60 Toastmasters and is certified to administer the MBTI, CliftonStrengths® and Harvard developed CareerLeader®.

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                 COVID 19:  Transition et changement

Alors que nous vivons dans un contexte de pandémie mondiale, nous avons connu de nombreux changements inattendus au cours des deux dernières années. Même si nous reconnaissons que le changement est une constante de la vie, la situation que nous vivons actuellement en raison de la COVID-19 l’a prouvé hors de tout doute. La vie en contexte de pandémie est synonyme de changements sur les plans personnel, social et professionnel.

Afin de soutenir ses clients et leurs employés partout au pays, Homewood Santé offre un webinaire, le mardi 21 septembre et le mercredi 22 septembre, qui portera sur la transition et le changement en temps de pandémie :

COVID-19 : Transition et changement, webinaire animé par Katherine Sisak & Glen Matadeen (en anglais) et Vanessa Forgues (en français).

Dans une optique axée sur les solutions, différents styles de gestion du changement seront présentés durant cette séance, afin d’aider les employés à trouver des moyens de faire face aux changements, suite à la pandémie.  

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Vanessa Forgues, M.A.

Vanessa Forgues est sexologue clinicienne et psychothérapeute de formation. Elle cumule différentes expériences d’intervention, de formation et de gestion clinique dans le domaine de la santé mentale, de la santé sexuelle et des dépendances en milieu communautaire, académique, institutionnel et privé. Elle a rejoint l’équipe de Homewood Santé en 2020 et agit à titre de Gestionnaire clinique dans les services de prévention de l’invalidité où elle co-supervise les programmes de Soins propres à la dépression et Soins des traumatismes, de même que les programmes de psychothérapie visant le retour à l’emploi et traitement de l’abus de substance.  

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The Working Mind

The Working Mind (TWM) is an evidence-based program created by the Mental Health Commission of Canada and is designed to promote mental health and reduce the stigma around mental illness in the workplace. This program helps organizations create a culture that fosters a greater awareness and support for mental health among employees, managers, and employers by reducing stigma and discrimination. After completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate indicating their trained status.

The Working Mind Objectives

  • Reduce the stigma around mental illness
  • Promote your organization’s mental health
  • Transform the way participants think and talk about mental health and mental illness
  • Help participants identify poor mental health in themselves and others
  • Give participants for coping skills to manage stress and poor mental health
  • Review mental health rights and responsibilities
  • Create a more supportive work environment

The Working Mind course offers easily applied scenario-based lessons, videos that feature people with lived experience of mental illness, reference guides, and practical handouts.

TWM for employees offers practical knowledge to increase participants’ overall comfort level with mental illness. On completing the course, employees will be able to:

  • understand mental health and mental illness
  • recognize its signs and indicators, in themselves and others
  • reduce stigma and negative attitudes toward people with mental health problems
  • support colleagues with mental health problems
  • maintain their own mental health and improve their resilience.


  1. Mental health and mental illness in the workplace
  2. Stigma and discrimination in the workplace
  3. The Mental Health Continuum Model
  4. Self-care
  5. Creating a supportive workplace
  6. Practical application

The Working Mind  is delivered in three 2-hour sessions to groups of no more than 15 staff/faculty.

Please contact Mental Health Advisor, Rob McCaffrey at to arrange for a group session.

Plan for Resilience: Workplace Edition

This course can help you move from merely surviving to actually thriving by helping you build resilience and plan for stressful situations. Developing a plan to get through potentially stressful situations can have a positive impact on both your personal and work life. Understanding how other people deal with stress can also improve your ability to be objective about how their actions may impact you.

If we recognize that we all respond to stressors in our own way, we can also recognize that behaviours of another person which may seem inappropriate or problematic could be that individual’s own struggle to deal with stress or adversity.Having a high level of resilience does not mean you will avoid stress. It means you will be able to adapt to it and recover more effectively from it. Many of us juggle personal, family, social, financial, and work demands. While we try to manage, any of us could be blindsided by an unexpected situation or overwhelmed when too many stressors happen at once.

Stress is a fact of life. Stress is not always bad or the result of a negative situation. In fact, stress can help motivate us to develop positive coping strategies or find effective solutions to problems. Stress can be a positive force in our lives but too much can have the opposite effect. We do not always get to choose the situations we find ourselves in, but we usually get to choose how we respond in the long run. Recognizing our automatic, immediate, unplanned responses to stress and committing to building our own resilience will support our overall success and well-being.

This skills-based program promotes building resilience in support of planning for and coping with stressful times and experiences. The knowledge and skills covered in this program target improving your post-secondary experience by helping you strengthen your adaptive coping skills and finding effective solutions and strategies to support your success and well-being. The program was developed by Workplace Strategies for Mental Health and researched by McMaster and Queens Universities.

Plan for Resilience: Workplace Edition is delivered in a 2-hour session to a group of no more than 15 staff/employees.

Please contact Mental Health Advisor, Rob McCaffrey at to arrange for a group session.