Foundation Scheme

The Foundation Scheme was established as a new pilot program offered for the first time in Summer/Fall 2014. It is one of the two fundamental schemes into which CIHR's Open suite of programs has been reorganized in the Reforms of Open Programs and Peer Review initiative.

The Foundation Scheme is designed to focus primarily on supporting proven researcher leaders with large-scale, long-term, high-impact research programs as opposed to specific projects. It is intended to offer researchers greater flexibility both in terms of what they work on and their ability to respond to changes in direction as projects progress. The new "schemes" approach reduces the amount of content put into the proposals and is designed to make the grant preparation and writing process less onerous for researchers.

The Foundation Scheme second live pilot has been announced. The deadline to register is July 27, 2015. You cannot submit a proposal if you do not register. 

For more information or assistance, contact the Health Research Funding Officer.