Funding Process Quick Guide

The following table provides a quick guide to the U of R research funding process:

Funding Steps Brief Description and Tips
Find Funding
  • Subscribe to the Research listserv to receive updates on upcoming funding opportunities
  • Contact UR Research funding officers for assistance with finding funding opportunities
  • See External Funding and Internal Funding
Notify Research Office and Faculty
  • Let the appropriate Research Funding Officer or Facilitator (see Contact Us), faculty signing authorities, and any internal reviewers know as soon as possible of your intention to apply. It is advisable to discuss your application with your department head, dean, and/or associate dean of research as soon as possible to gain valuable feedback for your application.
Prepare Proposal
  • Review the agency guidelines and funding application guides carefully even if you have applied to the same opportunity in the past (guidelines can change between calls for proposals).
  • Work with a Research Funding Officer on preparation of the budget.
  • See Common Research Expenses for information on university policies, procedures, and pricing for common research expenses.
Submit for Review
  • It is recommended that you submit your proposal to voluntary review by a colleague or colleagues. More feedback is helpful in improving funding success.
  • You must submit your application to the appropriate signing authorities within your faculty for signature (see the faculty administrator and/or associate dean of research)
  • Some applications require internal competitive review (a list of applications requiring internal review can be found under Submit for Review). 
  • Submit your final proposal draft to the appropriate Research Funding Officer or Facilitator in the Research Office (see Contact Us) on or before the internal deadline (typically two weeks prior to the external deadline, but check with the Research Office for internal deadlines for specific funding opportunities).
Obtain Signatures
  • Complete the Funded Research Approval Form (192 KB) Funded Research Approval Form and submit it with your application to the appropriate Research Funding Officer or Facilitator by the internal deadline (see Contact Us).
  • It is important to remember that some funding agencies might accept electronic approvals from funding officers or might not require institutional signatures, but all funded research applications must be reviewed by a funding officer and approved by the institutional signing authority (VP-R or designate) prior to submission. Institutional signature cannot be obtained without the appropriate department and/or faculty approvals (see the faculty administrator and/or associate dean of research). The best approach to ensuring you have obtained all of the required approvals is to complete the Funded Research Approval Form.
Submit to Funder
  • Always review the submission instructions thoroughly. Even if you have submitted to an agency in the past, review the submission instructions carefully and well in advance of the application deadline as requirements may have changed from previous submissions.
  • The Research Office will submit hard-copy applications to the funder on your behalf and will also submit applications by email on your behalf unless the agency instructions indicate otherwise.
  • For electronic submissions through online submission tools, some agencies might require that an institutional representative (typically a grant or research funding officer) completes the final submission. Contact the appropriate Research Funding Officer or Facilitator to learn how to add them as a grant administrator to your application whenever this option is required or available as an option.
Submit Ethics, Animal Care, or Hazardous Materials Protocols
  • Review the funding opportunity guidelines carefully to ensure you have the appropriate ethics or other protocols in place or to determine what protocols you will need and timelines for obtaining them if your funding application is successful.
  • If you are unsure whether you will need to submit any research protocols, check with the Research Compliance Officer (see under Contact Us) in the Office of Research Services.
Open a Research Account
  • The Office of Research Services must approve the creation of every research fund and any renewals or extensions of existing funds.
  • Typically, any ethics, animal care, and/or hazardous materials protocols must be submitted and approved prior to creation of a research fund.
Use Your Funds
  • Be sure to review the funding agency's Eligible Expenses and Use of Funds Guidelines for each specific grant as well as their general guidelines on use of funds.
  • If you are unsure of the eligibility of a given expense, check with a Research Funding Officer at the Office of Research Partnerships & Innovation.
  • See Common Research Expenses for information on university policies, procedures, and pricing for common research expenses.
Communicate Your Success

There are several stages throughout the research process when you should communicate your success:

  • Upon receipt of a grant or award, notify your dean and department head, your faculty administrator, the Office of Research Services, and External Relations.
  • Notify External Relations and the Office of Research Services of any significant research milestones or breakthroughs.
  • Notify the Office of Research Services and External Relations upon conclusion of your research.
Close Out Your Project
  • Notify the Office of Research Services when your project is completed.
  • The Office of Research Services will assist with managing any residual funds.
  • Notify Facilities Management if your research space requires renovation or reassessment.
  • Notify Supply Management Services for disposal for research equipment such as computers and printers.
  • Follow Health and Safety Policy for disposing of chemicals and hazardous materials.
  • Notify the Research Compliance Officer (see under Contact Us) regarding management of live animals upon the closing out of your project. Follow all Animal Care policies and protocols.