Obtain Signatures

Who signs the grant application?

All research grants must be approved and signed by the:

  • Principal Investigator(s);
  • Co-investigator(s) and their respective institutional designate (e.g., the Office of Research Services Manager or Director);
  • Dean or Dean's representative; and
  • Department Head and/or Director.

The applicant or co-applicant is responsible for obtaining the required signatures above prior to submitting the application to the Office of Research Services.

Final signature on behalf of the University (the institutional signature) is obtained by the Office of Research Services.

Signature Pages

Some applications include a specific signature page that is submitted with the application. Others require electronic approval by a research officer and/or a signing authority. Some do not require specific institutional approvals to be submitted with the application. Regardless of which applies, all applications for external research funding must be approved by a duly-authorized University representative on behalf of the University of Regina before submission to a funding agency. 

All applications submitted to the Office of Research Services for final review and institutional signature should be accompanied by a completed Funded Research Approval Form.

University of Regina Signature Policy

According to the Signature Policy, when any University employee signs on behalf of the University and commits the University, the University has a vicarious liability to fulfill the requirements of the documents signed. The purpose of this policy is to specify who may sign which documents.

For information on signing authority check with the faculty Associate Dean of Research.

These responsibilities are also noted within the Tri-Agency "Agreement on the Administration of Agency Grants and Awards by Research Institutions".