Submit Your Proposal for Review

It is important to have your application reviewed prior to submission. Review by peers allows you to receive constructive feedback. Review by the Research Office helps to ensure your application meets the requirements of the funding agency and of the specific funding opportunity as well as helps ensure your proposal meets University policies and guidelines.

The following provides information on the different kinds of voluntary and required reviews your proposal may undergo prior to submission:

Review and Signature Turnaround Time

Principal Investigators are reminded to allow for a four-day turnaround time for grant applications submitted to the Research Office for review and signature. Late applications may not be signed and or submitted. Note that this does not apply to major grants (e.g., major tr-agency grants), which have specific internal deadlines, or to contracts.

Required Supporting Documents

All researchers who submit grant applications/agreements must provide a completed Funded Research Approval Form with the sign-off from your respective Department Head and Dean/Director or equivalent if the external application does not already require those signatures. (See also Obtain Signatures).

The Funded Research Approval Form or external signature page must also be accompanied by a finalized draft application to receive institutional sign-off from the University of Regina.

Pre-submission Application Review

The Research Office requests that all research applications be submitted for pre-submission (or technical) review a minimum of two weeks prior to the agency deadline (or by the internal deadline set for the specific funding opportunity). Note that Research Funding Officers are available to review proposals at any stage of the application process ahead of the internal deadline.

During this process, the Research Office staff will review the applications to ensure compliance with:

  • University policies and procedures
  • Sponsor/agency guidelines/terms and conditions
  • Application requirements
  • Budget issues (i.e., salary/stipends and benefits, eligible costs including indirect/overhead costs)
  • Intellectual Property (IP) conditions
  • Matching funds and collaboration requirements

Suggestions or comments will be communicated to the applicant, and the Research Office staff will obtain the University of Regina institutional signature once approved.


Peer Review

SSHRC Internal Review Program

The Research Office facilitates an annual SSHRC Internal Review Program designed to improve applicant success rates for SSHRC competitions. Assessors with SSHRC experience (grant holders, adjudication committee members, etc.) will review and respond to draft grant applications.

To ensure researchers receive a high quality review and have time to implement suggested changes, two draft hard copies and one electronic draft of the project summary, detailed proposal, and budget are due in the Research Office approximately one month prior to the respective SSHRC deadline. Email notices will be distributed each year to clearly define the time frame and deadlines for internal review.

Each draft application will be reviewed by at least two assessors – one in the applicant's discipline and a general reader. Assessor feedback will be returned to the applicants at least two weeks prior to the respective SSHRC deadline.

Interested applicants are encouraged to contact the Research Office in the early stages of their SSHRC applications.


Faculty Review

Faculties may conduct internal review processes prior to submission to the Research Office and the granting agency. Researchers are encouraged to contact their Department Head, Associate Dean (Research), or Dean to be notified of internal deadlines for research applications. 

Below, please find a summary of some of the faculty internal review processes and their respective deadlines. Please use the information as a guideline and consult with your faculty to verify the current procedures and signing authorities for your faculty/unit. 

Faculty of Arts

Internal review of grant applications initially takes place at the departmental level, with experienced colleagues in related fields and department heads providing feedback, then at the decanal level, with the Associate Dean (Research and Graduate Studies) reviewing applications prior to their submission to the Research Office. The requirement for departmental and decanal signatures on all grant applications ensures that some level of internal review takes place.

Faculty of Business Administration

The Associate Dean (Research and Academic) in the Faculty of Business Administration reviews all draft applications one week prior to the Research Office's internal deadline. Applicants may receive feedback for consideration, and faculty-based signatures will be obtained upon the approval of requested institutional support (i.e., teaching release stipends) from the Dean's Office.

Faculty of Engineering & Applied Science

Faculty members must submit all research proposals to their respective Program Chairs and the Dean (or Associate Dean) for review. Required signatures will be obtained upon the approval of the research proposal. Faculty of Engineering & Applied Science deadlines are established throughout the year and communicated to the researchers on an ongoing basis.

Faculty of Fine Arts

Faculty members must submit all research proposals to their respective Department Head for review. Required signatures will be obtained upon the approval of the research proposal.

Faculty of Science

Faculty members must e-mail a complete application in Adobe Acrobat format (i.e., PDF) to their Department Head and Associate Dean (Research) who will read them and make suggestions with regards to granting agency instructions, language, and clarity. Suitable applications are recommended to the Dean for signing. The Faculty of Science deadline for review of applications is two weeks prior to the Research Office's internal deadline.


Internal Competitive Review

Some competitions require or recommend internal review of applications (internal competitions) prior to submission. Additionally, some competitions limit the number of applicants from each institution.

A formal internal competitive review process has not been established for most funding opportunities, including most CIHR, NSERC, and SSHRC grants. Individual faculties and departments have different policies or expectations with regards to internal review processes. Please contact your Dean or Associate Dean (Research) for further information on discipline-specific reviews.


Grants Requiring Internal Competitive Review

Banting Postdoctoral Awards

Banting PDF applications must be submitted for internal review. The review deadline is typically five weeks prior to the external submission deadline. Applications are reviewed internally by Research Office staff and, when completed, are submitted for formal internal review. Contact the Research Office for more details on the internal review process. Interested applicants are encouraged to contact the Research Office well in advance of the internal deadline.