Partnership Advantages

Partnership offers many advantages for industry, businesses, and community organizations, as well as university-based researchers:

  • Partnering with universities offers access to a unique breadth of knowledge and experience along with highly skilled research expertise. Universities are incubators of new knowledge, discoveries, and innovations that partners can use to solve problems and improve operations, products, or practices while simultaneously helping to make these new discoveries accessible to industry, business and/or the public.
  • Universities have access to laboratories and equipment not always accessible to external partners, and the reverse is often also true.
  • In large initiatives, universities can serve as the hub of larger, multi-organization research consortia, bringing together diverse organizations with similar interests and facilitating partnerships between them.
  • Partnerships between universities allow researchers from different institutions to access knowledge, equipment, and expertise that may not be available at their home institutions, and multi-organization research groups can access a wider array of funding opportunities.
  • Partnership enables smaller groups to pool their resources to leverage greater amounts of funding, such as provincial, federal, and international funding. As an example, the federal tri-council funding agencies typically offer partnership-based funding opportunities: