Garth Huber


Office: LB 217
Phone: 306-585-4240

Research interests
Experimental Studies of Hadron Structure with Electron and Photon Beams.

The aim of my research is to study and better understand the structure of hadrons, the building-blocks of matter. Hadrons are composed of smaller, more fundamental particles, the quarks and gluons. But it is poorly understood how quark and gluon interactions give rise to the observed properties of hadrons, making the nature of the strong force where quark confinement dominates one of the top 10 unsolved problems in physics. I am working on a variety of experiments, which will take data with unprecedented accuracy and will measure some of the properties of these particles for the first time to better understand their underlying quark-gluon structure.

If you are interested in any of the proposed or ongoing research topics, please contact me. The work will be carried out in Hall C at Jefferson Lab in Newport News, Virginia, and in experimental area A2 of the Institute of Nuclear Physics in Mainz, Germany.


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