Nader Mobed


Office: LB 236
Phone: 306-585-4359

Research interests
Quantum Physics and Relativity, Effective Field Theories.

Intersections of quantum physics and relativity in the context of formulations of quantum phenomena on the curved space-time background of general relativity: Our efforts have been focused on the identification of possible observable consequences of such formulations in atomic and subatomic physics. The main motivation for this line of research is to gain a better understanding of the energy regime where the general relativistic effects become important in describing microscopic phenomena and this, in turn, may shed some light on the structure of a unified theory of gravity and quantum physics.

Effective field theories: Effective field theory is a method of describing a physical system in terms degrees of freedom appropriate for a given energy scale while preserving the symmetries of the fundamental underlying theory. The method is applicable if there is a clear separation of energy scales involving the relevant degrees of freedom. An effective field theory is useful both when the fundamental underlying theory is intractable, and also when it is not fully understood. My research interests include the low-energy effective field theory of strong interactions, and the low energy effective field theory of gravity.


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