David Meban

Associate Professor; Assistant Dean; Head of Philosohy and Classics (Campion College)
Ph.D (University of Toronto); MA (Ohio State University); BA (Queen's University)

Office: CM 303
E-mail: david.meban@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-359-1220
Website: https://campioncollege.ca/resources/dr-david-meban/

Current classes
Fall 2023: CLAS 100-C97 Intro to Greece & Rome; CLAS 150-C01 Latin Language I; CLAS 290AD-C01 The Ancient World in Film

Research interests

  • Augustan poetry, esp. Virgil
  • Alexandrian poetry
  • Republican prose.

"Time, History and Myths of Progress in Virgil's Fourth Eclogue," in progress.

 “The Nisus and Euryalus Episode and Roman Friendship,” Phoenix 63 (2009) 239-259.

“Virgil’s Eclogues and Social Memory,” American Journal of Philology 130 (2009): 99-130.

“Temple Building, Primus Language, and the Proem to Virgil’s Third Georgic,” Classical Philology 103 (2008): 150-174.