Faculty and Staff Statistics

  • The 2022 Academic Workforce Demographics (1.4 MB)PDF report is compiled by the University's Human Resources department. The report contains information specific to the University of Regina pertaining to faculty, faculty with PhDs, part-time/sessional faculty, and staff as a whole. Table 1A (page 2) within the report contains the full academic staff compliment of our three federated colleges along with the U of R.

  • Many institutional questionnaires completed on behalf of the University require us to provide faculty and staff statistics. The 2022 Workforce Demographics report (1.6 MB)File, also compiled by Human Resources, contains statistics about our staff diversity, age, length of service, compensation and retirements.

Disclosure of Employment Income over $100,000

  • The University publishes salaries of employees with total employment income of $100,000 or more (531 KB) File as reported on T4 slips (Box 14). This listing may exclude certain salaries of $100,000 or greater where such disclosure could threaten the safety of an individual.

  • For more detail related to the public disclosure of salaries, and the recent change in reporting, an FAQ can be found here (607 KB)File.