Registration Statistics & Supplemental Reports

REMINDER: Use FALL Registration Statistics
in Year-over-Year Comparisons

Fall Census Date Thursday, September 28/23 (434 KB) PDF

Registration Statistics and Supplemental Reports are produced for the Fall and Winter semesters, however only one report is prepared for the Spring/Summer semester.

Overall Student Headcounts Since 2003

For those wanting to view Annual Fall Census Date student headcounts (271 KB)File and the growth rate at the University, please review this report.

Registration Statistics

These are the most anticipated statistics for the University. The reports contain both headcount and credit hour information and represent "in-progress" management tools. Three reports are produced for the Fall and Winter semesters:

  • As of the day prior to the first day of the semester
  • As of the last day of the 50% tuition refund date
  • On the last day of lectures for that semester

Supplemental Registration Reports

The supplemental registration reports further break down registration data by categories such as:

  • student cohorts
  • college and faculty
  • international status
  • graduate students
  • faculty
Watch for these reports following the end of the 4th week of classes.