Tuition Fees and Living Costs

Tuition - Comparatives and Affordability

This Item for Information (1.2 MB)PDF icon for the Board of Governors addresses the relevant factors that must be provided as part of a proposal to the Board for changes to tuition.

These elements are being provided in advance of the full budget and tuition Decision Item (in April), to allow timely consideration of the tuition policy environment before specific trade-offs need to be made in the budget process.

TLAC Criteria

Tuition and Living Costs for Full Time Students are reported to Statistics Canada annually. At the University of Regina, this report is prepared by OIR using the following criteria:

Undergraduate Tuition Fees

This refers only to the cost of tuition fees for full-time students and does not include additional fees for materials or equipment. The U of R defines these students as full-course load students. Although tuition fees can be reported on any basis, tables produced by Statistics Canada reflect an academic year of two semesters (eight months) or 30 credits in order to create a basis for comparison with other Canadian institutions.

Graduate Tuition Fees

This refers only to the cost of full-time graduate tuition. Additional fees such as materials and equipment are not included. When reporting Tuition & Living Accommodation Costs to Statistics Canada, the University of Regina defines this as 18 credit hours per two semesters.