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Operator Algebra Seminar

Fri., Sep. 22, 2023 2:00 p.m.

Location: Math/Stat Boardroom CW307.14.3

Speaker: Shane Crerar, University of Regina

Title: Probability of Entanglement: the noncommutative sphere V r(H,K)


The set of isometries from a fixed faithful state of B(H) to a state of B(KH) with 2 ≤ dim H ≤ dim K can be associated with a real-analytic manifold labelled V r(H,K). The construction of the manifold and its properties will be discussed. Z, the zeroes of real analytic functions from V r(H,K) to a dimension d real vector space are sets of Lebesgue measure zero when Z is a strict subset of V r(H,K).