Undergraduate Programs

The Department's undergraduate programs lead to Bachelor of Science (BSc) and Bachelor of Science Honours (BSc Hons) degrees in a wide range of areas. Internship and cooperative work-study programs provide undergraduates with a chance to gain professional experience while studying.


The Department currently offers the following programs:

Student Resources

The University of Regina has a number of support services for students, such as the Student Success Centre and the Aboriginal Student Centre, so that our students are well positioned to succeed in their studies. The Department operates a Math & Stats Study Centre, which is a drop-in centre for students taking 100-level courses. Campion College Academic Support Services, which is open to all University of Regina students, also offers help for first and second year undergraduate students.

Students who will be taking their first course in calculus---either MATH 103 (Applied Calculus I) or MATH 110 (Calculus I)---are strongly encouraged to work through the appropriate self-administered diagnostic test: the MATH 103 Diagnostic Test or the MATH 110 Diagnostic Test. Students who feel their preparation for calculus is weak in some areas are encouraged to register in MATH 102 (Pre-Calculus and Mathematical Modelling), which is a 3 credit hour course that may be used as a Science elective in most degree programs.

There is more to attending university than simply taking classes, and there are many opportunities for students to become engaged in the university community. Within the Department, the MASS Student Society is one such opportunity, as is volunteering at the annual Math Camp or the bi-weekly Problem Solving Workshop.

Employment Opportunities

The Department offers several interesting employment opportunities for students as teaching assistants (markers, laboratory instructors, tutors) and research assistants.