Faculty and Academic Staff

Shaun Fallat

Department Head

Office: CW 307.2
E-mail: mathstat.head@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-585-4148
Website: http://uregina.ca/~sfallat/

Current classes
Math 327 Introductory Combinatorics

Research interests
Matrix theory, discrete mathematics, graph theory, combinatorial matrix analysis

Martín Argerami


Office: CW307.11
E-mail: martin.argerami@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-585-4340
Website: http://ev03023.math.uregina.ca/

Current classes
Math 122 Linear Algebra I, Math 422 Abstract Linear Algebra, Math 822 Linear Algebra

Research interests
Operator algebras, operator systems, type II factors

Taehan Bae

Associate Professor

Office: CW 307.4
E-mail: taehan.bae@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-585-4353
Website: http://uregina.ca/~bae204/

Current classes
Stat 160 Introductory Statistics, Stat 855 Generalized Linear Models

Research interests
Actuarial science, risk management, mathematical finance

Sarah Carnochan Naqvi

Laboratory Instructor

Office: CW 307.29
E-mail: Sarah.Carnochan.Naqvi@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-337-2338
Website: http://uregina.ca/~carnocha

Current classes
Acsc/Stat 418 Time Series Analysis and Forecasting, CS/Math 261 Methods of Numerical Analysis, Math/Stat 902 Research Tools, Stat 354 Linear Statistical Methods, Stat 485 Design and Analysis of Experiments

Dianliang Deng


Office: CW 307.22
E-mail: DianLiang.Deng@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-585-4344
Website: http://uregina.ca/~deng/

Current classes
Math/Stat 251 Introduction to Probability, Stat 485 Design and Analysis of Experiments, Stat 859 Design of Experiments, Stat 890AH Bootstrap Methods

Research interests
Statistical analysis of discrete data, survival data, longitudinal data and functional data, and limit theorems in probability

Peter Douglas

Instructor III
Internship Coordinator; Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries; Fellow of the Society of Acturaies

Office: CW 307.24
E-mail: peter.douglas@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-585-4346
Website: http://uregina.ca/~douglas/

Current classes
Acsc/Math 116 Mathematics of Finance I, Acsc/Stat 418 Time Series Analysis and Forecasting

Research interests
Applied stochastic modelling

Juliana Erlijman

Associate Professor

Office: CW 307.6
E-mail: Juliana.Erlijman@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-585-4338
Website: http://uregina.ca/~erlijmaj/

Current classes
Math 122 Linear Algebra I, Masth 423 Modern Algeebra II, Math 823 Algebra

Research interests
Subfactors, tensor categories, von Neumann algebras, representations of braid groups

Douglas Farenick

Dean of Science

Office: Laboratory Building 224
E-mail: Douglas.Farenick@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-585-4143
Website: http://uregina.ca/~farenick/

Research interests
Operator theory, operator algebras, quantum information theory

Remus Floricel

Associate Professor
PIMS Site Director

Office: CW 307.23
E-mail: Remus.Floricel@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-585-4351
Website: http://uregina.ca/~floricre/

Current classes
Math 313 Mathematical Analysis II

Research interests
Functional analysis, operator algebras, quantum probability, noncommutative dynamics

Bruce Gilligan


Office: CW307.8
E-mail: Bruce.Gilligan@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-585-4354
Website: http://uregina.ca/~gilligab/

Current classes
Math 312 Complex Analysis I

Research interests
Symmetries of complex manifolds

Chun-Hua Guo


Office: CW 307.10
E-mail: Chun-Hua.Guo@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-585-4423
Website: http://uregina.ca/~chguo/

Current classes
Math 110 Calculus I, CS/Math 261 Methods of Numerical Analysis

Research interests
Matrix analysis, scientific computing, applications

Allen Herman


Office: CW 307.13
E-mail: allen.herman@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-585-4487
Website: http://uregina.ca/~hermana/

Current classes
Math 103 Applied Calculus I, Math 223 Introduction to Abstract Algebra

Research interests
Algebras and representation theory

Michael Kozdron

Associate Professor

Office: CW 307.31
E-mail: kozdron@stat.math.uregina.ca
Phone: 306-585-4885
Website: http://stat.math.uregina.ca/~kozdron/

Research interests
Probability theory and stochastic processes, Schramm-Loewner evolution, statistical mechanics, random walks

Leigh Anne MacKnight

Instructor II

Office: CW 307.12
E-mail: LeighAnne.MacKnight@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-585-5080

Current classes
Math 102 Mathematical Modelling and Precalculus, Stat 100 Elementary Statistics for Applications, Stat 200 Intermediate Statistics for Applications

Patrick Maidorn

Instructor III

Office: CW 307.3
E-mail: patrick.maidorn@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-585-4013
Website: http://uregina.ca/~maidornp/

Current classes
Math 101 Introductory Finite Mathematics I, Math 102 Mathematical Modelling and Precalculus, Stat 100 Elementary Statistics for Applications

Augustin-Liviu Mare

Associate Professor

Office: CW 307.1
E-mail: Augustin.Mare@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-585-4884
Website: http://uregina.ca/~mareal/

Current classes
Math 103 Applied Calculus I

Research interests
Geometry and topology of differentiable manifolds, Lie theory

Richard McIntosh


Office: CW 307.19
E-mail: Richard.McIntosh@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-585-4345

Current classes
Math 213 Vector Calculus, Math 221 Introduction to Proofs and Problem Solving

Research interests
Computational number theory, q- hypergeometric series, mock theta functions

Karen Meagher

Associate Professor
Acting Associate Dean Faculty of Graduate Studies & Research

Office: CW 307.5
E-mail: karen.meagher@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-585-4886
Website: http://uregina.ca/~meagherk

Research interests
Combinatorics and algebraic graph theory

Larry D. Miller

Associate Professor
Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries; Fellow of the Society of Acturaies

Office: CW 307.25
E-mail: larry.miller@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-585-4342

Current classes
Acsc 317 Actuarial Models I, Acsc 417 Introduction to Casualty Insurance and Crediibility

Donald Stanley

Chair of the Graduate Studies Committee; NSERC Evaluation Group Member

Office: CW 307.21
E-mail: Donald.Stanley@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-585-4343

Current classes
Math 441 General Topology, Math 841 General Topology

Research interests
Geometric constructions in homotopy theory, commutative algebra

Fernando Szechtman

Associate Professor

Office: CW 307.17
E-mail: Fernando.Szechtman@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-337-2339

Current classes
Math 110 Calculus I, Math 111 Calculus II,

Research interests
Groups and their representations, Lie algebras and their representations, linear algebra

Andrei Volodin

Co-op Work/Study Coordinator

Office: CW 307.27
E-mail: Andrei.Volodin@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-585-4771
Website: http://uregina.ca/~volodin/

Current classes
Stat 351 Intermediate Probability, Stat 451 Advanced Probability, Stat 495 Directed Reading in Statistics, Stat 851 Probability, Stat 890AD Analysis of Longitudinal Data

Research interests
Statistical inference, limit theorems, distributions on abstract spaces, bootstrap

Yang Zhao

Associate Professor

Office: CW307.7
E-mail: Yang.Zhao@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-585-4348
Website: http://uregina.ca/~zhaoyang/

Current classes
Stat 160 Introductory Statistics, Stat 354 Linear Statistical Methods

Research interests
Statistics and biostatistics: incomplete data, measurement error, estimating equation, maximum likelihood, EM-algorithm, goodness of fits, and two-phase sampling design


Taebry Chupik

Academic Program Coordinator
PIMS Site Administrator

Office: CW 307.14
E-mail: Taebry.Chupik@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-337-3122

Connie Renwick

Academic Program Coordinator

Office: CW 307.14
E-mail: Connie.Renwick@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-337-2541

Pamela Sparvier

Administrative Assistant
for Mathematics & Statisitics

Office: CW 307.14
E-mail: pamela.sparvier@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-585-4148
Fax: 306-585-4020

Pheonix Sparvier

Administrative Assistant
Computer Science / Mathematics & Statistics

Office: CW 307.14
E-mail: Pheonix.Sparvier@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-585-4633