Graduate Programs

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The Department has been offering Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees since 1969 in both Mathematics and Statistics. Current specializations are in the areas of algebraic topology, differential geometry, fluid dynamics, graph theory, group representation theory, linear algebra and matrix theory, number theory, operator algebra theory and applications, probability theory, and statistical inference. Because the University of Regina is a member of the Pacific Institute for Research in the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS), the Department's graduate students enjoy opportunities to attend special short courses, summer schools, and/or workshops offered by PIMS.

The MSc and PhD programs are thesis-based and involve both coursework and research, with an emphasis on research. The MSc (Course-Based) program is a two-year program of advanced coursework and is suited for students who do not intend to pursue a career in research.

The first year of a graduate program is normally spent taking courses. Each year the Department offers a set of core courses which are generally taken by all first year MSc and PhD students. The core courses are supplemented by courses in certain areas of speciality (eg, graph theory, operator algebras, etc).

Core Mathematics Courses

Core Statistics Courses

MATH 810 (Real Analysis)

Math 813 (Functional Analysis)

Math 820 (Introduction to Commutative Algebra)

Math 822 (Linear Algebra)

Math 823 (Algebra)

Math 827 (Graph Theory)

Math 831 (Differential Geometry)

Math 841 (Topology)

STAT 851 (Probability)

STAT 852 (Statistical Inference)

STAT 855 (Generalized Linear Models)