Eligibility and Admissions

Application Information

Applications should be made online through the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research's (FGSR) Application Guide web page.

Application Deadlines:

  • For thesis-based MSc and PhD programs, there are two application deadlines per year: January 31 or June 30.
  • For the course-based and co-op MSc programs, the application deadline is October 31.
  • Note: Course-based and co-op MSc programs can only be started in the Fall semester.

Late applications will be accepted but we cannot guarantee when they will be processed. Only a complete application is forwarded to the Department by FGSR; therefore, it is important to ensure that all instructions are followed carefully and that all components of the application arrive in good order.

Prospective applicants should check the FAQ below and if you have any questions that are not covered, you may always contact the Department at at any time during the admission process should questions or concerns arise.

General information about graduate studies at the University of Regina is available on the FGSR home page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Should I contact a supervisor before I complete my application?
If you are a course based student, you will not have a supervisor and so you do not need to do this. For thesis-based students it is better to contact someone that you are interested in working with within the department before you officially apply. This will also help us track your application.
What are my funding options?

For thesis-based students, funding is usually offered in coordination with your supervisor. Please contact your future supervisor to discuss this.

Information on Scholarships

FGSR Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTA)

Department Teaching Assistant

Do I meet the entrance requirements?

Please check the following link from the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research for the standard requirements and the English language requirements

Is my educational background suitable for admission?
The entrance requirement for the MSc program is a BSc degree in mathematics or statistics or equivalent background, with a grade average of at least 75% or equivalent for applicants from other institutions. Applicants to the PhD program should have an MSc degree or its equivalent, and show strong evidence of research potential.