Areas of Expertise

A list of the general research areas of Department faculty is below. Further information about an individual faculty member may be found on that person's directory listing.

Actuarial Mathematics

  • Dr. T. Bae (Financial mathematics, risk management)
  • Prof. P. Douglas (Applied stochastic modelling)
  • Prof. J.-P. Venter (Actuarial Science, Financial mathematics and investment theory, enterprise risk management, stochastic survival models)

Algebra, Discrete Mathematics, and Number Theory

  • Dr. S. Fallat (Linear algebra, combinatorial matrix theory)
  • Dr. H. Gupta* (Algebraic graph theory, distance-regular graphs and association schemes)
  • Dr. A. Herman (Group theory, representation theory, algebraic combinatorics)
  • Dr. K. Meagher (Combinatorics and algebraic graph theory)
  • Dr. S. A. Mojallal** (Spectral graph theory, matrix theory)
  • Dr. F. Szechtman (Group theory, Lie algebras, representation theory, linear algebra)

* Postdoctoral Fellow (PIMS)    
** Postdoctoral Fellow


  • Dr. M. Argerami (Operator algebras, II1 factors, operator systems)
  • Dr. D. Farenick (Operator algebras, operator theory, quantum information)
  • Dr. R. Floricel (Operator algebras, quantum probability, noncommutative dynamics)
  • Dr. C.-H. Guo (Numerical analysis, scientific computing, applied linear algebra)

Geometry and Topology

Statistics and Probability Theory

  • Dr. D. Deng (Limit theory, generalized linear models)
  • Dr. M. Kozdron (Probability, stochastic processes, statistical physics)
  • Dr. J. McVittie (Survival analysis, statistical inference, combined cohort methodologies, measurement error, biostatistics)
  • Dr. Affan Shoukat (Data Science, Machine Learning, Mathematical Biology, Computational Epidemiology, Agent-Based Models, Scientific Computing)
  • Dr. A. Volodin (Statistical inference, limit theorems, distributions on abstract spaces, bootstrap)
  • Dr. Y. Zhao (Applied statistics and biostatistics)