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The Faculty of Science represents one of the strongest academic areas at the University of Regina. It attracts more than half of all the tri-council research funding and holds four Canada Research Chairs. With the need for scientific and technical skills in the 21st century, students will find that the strengths of the Faculty make it an attractive one in which to further their education.

We offer undergraduate and graduate programs through six departments. To find out more about each department, please select a departmental website listed in the left navigation.

Science News


Physics student wins Award at Annual Users' Meeting for the Canadian Light Source

Congratulations to Anezka Kolaceke for winning the Best Geological / Environmental Poster Award at the 19th Annual Users' Meeting for the Canadian Light Source earlier this month. She presented a poster titled "Preserved Epidermal Cell Layers in a Hadrosaur Skin." This is Anezka's third recognition over the past two years. 

Science Pubs: Banning Bananas From the Great Lakes and Other Great Ideas

Join Dr. Neil Alexander, Executive Director at the Sylvia Fedoruk Canadian Centre for Nuclear Innovation in Saskatoon on Thursday March 24 at Bushwakker Brewpub for a Science Pub Talk. More information here.

University of Regina associate professor Britt Hall (L) with Wascana Creek water and sieves along with student Samantha Campbell (R) with a plankton net. The creek water is filtered in a search for micro-beads (tiny pieces of plastic) from the creek water.

Biologists Make Microplastics Discovery

Britt Hall, associate professor of biology at the University of Regina and one of her undergraduate students, Samantha Campbell, have found microplastics in different areas of the water. Full article here


Mathematics and Statistics Hosting 2 Fun Events!

Math Camp, and Math Kangaroo! Click the link for each to find more information!