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Department of Physics

Physics spans from zero to infinity in space, time and energy; its symmetry and elegance is reflected in the beauty of the heavens.

Interested in studying Physics?  

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We offer programs leading to B.Sc. and B.Sc. Honours degrees in Pure and Applied/Industrial Physics, and M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Experimental Subatomic Physics and Nuclear Imaging. Co-operative Education programs with local industry are also available.

Our teams pursue their research locally, as well as elsewhere in Canada, the United States, Europe, and Japan.

Feature Stories:

December 2020: Next Generation U of R BioPETx detector featured in Discourse

University of Regina physics professors Dr. Zisis Papandreou, Dr. Aram Teymurazyan and their research team, including graduate student Shweta Sharma, have built the Generation-II BioPETx nuclear imaging detector - one of the world's most advanced tools for looking inside living plants.    

Read the full article "Physics and the principles of collaboration" in Discourse Magazine!

See: Article  Contact: Dr. Zisis Papandreou


Photo: U of R student Shweta Sharma (by Trevor Hopkin)


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November 2020: Article by Prof.  Lawler in The Conversation

If mega-constellations of satellites become reality, the night sky will become a mundane highway of moving lights, obscuring the stars.

Check out the full article "SpaceX's Starlink satellites are about to ruin stargazing for everyone"!

See: Article  Contact: Dr. Samantha Lawler


October 2020: Congratulations Julian!

The University Prize in Science is awarded at convocation to the most distinguished student graduating with a first degree from the Faculty of Science. Julian Palandri, with a CGPA of 86.50%, was the recipient of this prize at the 2020 Fall Convocation. Julian is graduating with a BSc Honours in Physics, with Co-op, achieving High Honours.  Congratulations Julian from all of your professors and colleagues in Physics! To celebrate, the Faculty of Science made a video!

See: Video  (Faculty of Science)


May 2020: Planet 9?

The possibility of a ninth planet existing in the outer reaches of our solar system has been making headlines ever since a paper theorizing its existence was published in 2016.  Prof. Samantha Lawler from the Department of Physics and Campion College uses observational data and computational orbit simulations to test Planet 9 theory. Read all about Prof. Lawler's exciting research in a new article published by Discourse magazine! 

See: Article  Contact: Dr. Samantha Lawler


April 2020: Congratulations Jerit!

Congratulations to 4th year undergraduate physics student Jerit Mitchell whose honours thesis project on micro-CT (computed tomography) imaging is making headlines!  Jerit, along with his supervisors Dr. Mauricio Barbi from the Department of Physics and Dr. Ryan McKellar from the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, have been using synchrotron light from the Canadian Light Source to image cretaceous and paleogene-era insects, dinosaur egg fragments and a rib bone from the T-rex specimen Scotty! 

See: Article  Contact: Dr. Mauricio Barbi