Future Graduate Students

Canadian Applicants

A B.Sc. Honours degree in physics or engineering physics is required for admission to the M.Sc. program. A minimum average of 75% in all physics and mathematics courses, and an overall average of 70%, is required. Applicants not meeting this standard will be considered for probationary acceptance only. In addition to the grades and recommendation letters, the overlap of the applicant's research interests with those of the department is also taken into account in the acceptance decision.

Admission to the Ph.D. program requires satisfactory completion of the M.Sc. degree, in addition to the above requirements. However, it may be possible for a student to transfer directly into the Ph.D. program after an evaluation period if the course work is completed exceptionally well, and clear evidence of research ability is demonstrated.

All offers to fully-qualified applicants come with a financial support guarantee.

International Applicants

A B.Sc. Honours degree in physics (or equivalent) is required for admission to the M.Sc. program. The criteria for admission are a combination of course grades, standardized test scores, recommendations, and overlap of research interests with the department. While students with M.Sc. degrees from Canadian or U.S. universities are normally accepted directly into the Ph.D. program, students from elsewhere are usually registered in the M.Sc. program first, so that they can adjust to local conditions, and their education level evaluated more fully. Depending on this result, they may have the opportunity to transfer to the Ph.D. program with little delay in their progress.

International applicants will find a wealth of helpful resources on the Faculty of Graduate Studies International Students page. That site includes information on

  • Programs of Study
  • General Admission requirements
  • English requirements
  • Admission requirements based on country of degree issued
  • Housing and living information

among other topics.

English proficiency requirement:

View the English Language Requirements at the FGSR website. Applicants from non-English speaking countries whose instruction was exclusively in English must supply a letter from their university certifying this was so, in order to have the TOEFL requirement waived.

International applicants are encouraged to write the GRE Physics Subject exam.

This allows us to evaluate all international applicants against the same standard. While the department does not have a set required minimum score, as other considerations, such as the applicant's stated research interests, or outstanding transcripts and recommendation letters are also taken into account in the acceptance decision, students with GRE physics score above 700* are particularly invited to apply.

* For more information on score results please review the Subject Scoring Table at ETS and for more information please visit the ETS/GRE website.

Online Application Process

As we strive to improve the efficiency of our administrative processes, the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research (FGSR) will be accepting on-line applications only for admission to all of our programs effective as of October 6, 2011).

The Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research has sole authority for admission, and all offers of admission are approved by and made by the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research.

Applications are reviewed on a continuing basis. Applications and supporting documentation from international students are to be received by:

  • May 15 for consideration in the Fall semester (September)
  • August 15 for consideration in the Winter semester (January)
  • January 5 for consideration in the Spring/Summer semester (May)

Please go to the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research website to start the on-line application.

It is advisable that you inform the Physics Graduate Coordinator at physgrad(at)uregina(dot)ca that you have applied online.

Once the application is complete, you will be contacted by faculty members or research groups interested in having you work under their supervision. Any recommendation for admission will be referred to the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research for a final assessment and decision. All applicants who are admitted will receive an official letter of acceptance directly from the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research.

We wish you good luck in your graduate application endeavors!