Graduate Studies

Our Department offers graduate programs leading to the M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Experimental Subatomic Physics and Nuclear Imaging. There is also an adjunct faculty member at Campion College who conducts research in Observational Astronomy; students working with him may obtain the M.Sc. degree in physics. Please view our research pages for further information on the research activities of our department.

As a result of this selection and focusing of efforts, we ensure that each student receives the best possible education, and faculty members are able to give personalized instruction in an encouraging and productive environment. If your choice is to become a physicist specializing in one of the areas we offer, you will find that the strengths of our department make it an attractive place to come to.

Graduate Student Positions currently open

  • Gamma-ray Spectroscopy @ ISAC (TRIUMF, Canada) and nuclear astrophysics with an active target (GANIL, France).  Contact Dr. Gwen Grinyer and read more here.
  • Quark-Gluon structure of mesons and nucleons (JLab, USA).  Contact Dr. G. Huber and read more here.
  • Search for exotic hybrid mesons (JLab, USA). Contact Dr. Z. Papandreou and read more here.