Thesis Database

Below is a list of all student theses supervised by members of our department.

Graduate Students:

Year Name Degree Title
2020 Shivani Sharma MSc High-precision half-life measurement of 14O
2020 Divyaben Patel MSc Study of a neutron reflector for the HALO-1kT supernovae neutrino detector
2019 Teagan Beattie PhD Measurement of the beam asymmetry for the η and η’ mesons with the GlueX experiment
2019 Anezka Kolaceke PhD Applications of synchroton radiation techniques to the study of taphonomic alterations and preservation in fossils
2019 Rory Evans MSc SoLID heavy gas cherenkov and DEMP event generator
2019 Lowell Peltier MSc Vulcanoids: An examination of the intra-Mercurial region
2018 Ryan Ambrose MSc Blinded by the light: Commissioning of the Hall C SHMS heavy gas Cherenkov detector
2018 Kyle Thompson MSc Simulation study of a high resolution PET detector module with depth of interaction information
2017 Dilli Paudyal PhD Spin polarizability of a qroton using polarized photon beam and polarized butanol target at Mainz microtron
2017 Li Wenliang PhD Exclusive backward-angle omega meson electroproduction
2017 Samip Basnet MSc Deep exclusive pseudoscalar meson production at Jefferson Lab Hall C
2015 Jamie Stoker MSc Applications of silicon photomultipliers in personal radiation detection and nuclear imaging
2014 Shaun Krueger MSc SiPM arrays as readouts for the GlueX barrel calorimeter
2013 Thomas Tolhurst MSc An effective polychromatic x-ray beam for quantitative analysis of fossil compositions
2012 Caio Licciardi PhD Measurement of single positive pion production in neutrino neutral current interactions in the ND280 detector and particle identification with the fine grained detector at T2K
2012 Mehrnoosh Tahani MSc Large area multipixel photon counters on the search for exotic hybrid mesons at GlueX
2012 Li Wenliang MSc Heavy gas Cherenkov detector construction for Hall C at Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
2011 Stamatios Katsaganis MSc The electromagnetic calorimeter of the GlueX particle detector
2010 Blake Leverington PhD The GlueX lead-scintillating fibre electromagnetic calorimeter
2010 Kathryn Janzen MSc Optimization of performance parameters for large area silicon photomultipliers
2010 Shaun Szymanski MSc
2006 Gergana Koleva MSc Beam tests for the GlueX barrel calorimeter prototype
2003 Scott Dumalski MSc
2002 Akihisa Shinozaki PhD Total cross sections for the (γ,π+π) process on 2H and 12C from 550 to 1105 MeV
2002 Neil Knecht PhD
2002 Shaohong Li MSc Extraction of proton form factors with ratio constraint
2000 Andre Fleck MSc
1998 George D. Zainea MSc Small angle rejection and study of inelastic events in the Jefferson lab focal plane polarimeter
1997 Marius Iurescu MSc Calibration and analysis of the 3He(γ,π+π) reaction using the TAGX spectrometer
1996 H. Asher Wienerman MSc Calibration and analysis of the vector meson data from TAGX
1994 Luiza C. Alexa MSc Model and empirical tests of the aerogel Cherenkov detector for CEBAF
1994 David G. Watts MSc The reaction 3He(γ,π+π) in the region above the Delta resonance 380 < Eγ < 700 MeV
1988 Garth M. Huber PhD Proton induced pion production from light nuclei in the region of the Δ1232 resonance


Undergraduate Students:

Year Name Degree Title
2018 Michael P. Hladun BSc Simulations of deep exclusive meson production at Jefferson Lab Hall C