Mission and Goals


Provide a safe, secure and comfortable campus environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors in support of the goals and mission of the University of Regina.

Campus Security, as a part of Facilities Management, is responsible for the safety of people, buildings, contents and grounds of the University of Regina with primary focus on the prevention of crime.

Facilities Management is responsible for the design, construction, maintenance and operation of physical assets and a variety of support services at the University of Regina.  Its mission is

"We bring Facilities to Life"

Goals in Support of the Mission

  • Use a proactive approach to find innovative solutions to crime problems or other safety issues on campus.
  • Assist other Campus Stakeholders in areas of Safety and Security to allow them to focus on their areas of expertise.
  • To liaise with external law enforcement agencies to facilitate communication with these agencies and the University.
  • Provide a professional level of service in all areas or requests for assistance.
  • Provide a level of expertise in all areas of securing a post secondary educational institution.
  • To work as a supportive, respectful unit where all levels of service can be free to provide input towards achieving our mission.
  • Prevention, Problem Solving, Partnerships, Professionalism