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As a sample number for applied music lessons, MUPI 141 designates lessons for a piano student in the first semester, first year of a BMus performance degree.

The performing medium is indicated by the following two-letter symbols:

BA baritone
BC bass clarinet
BN bassoon
CL clarinet
DB bass
FL flute
GR guitar

HD harpsichord
HN horn
OB oboe
OR organ
PC percussion
PI piano
SX saxophone

TB trombone
TP trumpet
TU tuba
VA viola
VC violoncello
VN violin
VO voice

The first digit refers to the year of study.

The second digit indicates the degree program towards which the credit is taken, according to the following scheme:

4 - BMus applied major (performance concentration)
3 - BMusEd applied major; BMus applied major (comprehensive, music history, music theory or composition concentration)
2 - BEd, BMus minor or other.
The third digit indicates the semester of study at a particular level.

Participation in an ensemble may be required of students enrolled in an applied music lesson.

Prerequisite: Permission of Music Department.

Students should note that:

  • Students in the third through eighth semesters in the BMus degree program concentration in performance receive 3 hours of credit for the applied major lesson. All others receive 2 hours of credit.

  • Students should not register for the second, third, or fourth year of study without having received credit for the previous year or advanced standing from the Music Department.

  • Unless there are extenuating circumstances, no student may enroll for more than the regular sequence of eight semesters (for BMus) or seven semesters (for BMusEd) of applied music lessons.

  • For students in the BMus and BMusEd programs applied lessons in a secondary area are dependent upon the availability of regular, full-time faculty and the permission of the department head.

  • Students in the BMus and BMusEd degree programs will not receive credit towards their degree program for applied lessons in the MUXX 121 series in the primary applied area.