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17.1.1 INQUIRIES Student Services

Student Services
Faculty of Social Work
University of Regina
Regina, Saskatchewan
S4S 0A2

Saskatoon Campus
The Atrium
153-111 Research Drive
Innovation place
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
S7N 3R2 General Inquiries
Tel: 306-585-4554 (Regina)
Tel: 306-664-7370 (Saskatoon)


The Faculty of Social Work offers programs leading to the CSW, BSW and MSW. The BSW and MSW are accredited by the Canadian Association of Schools of Social Work. As well as offering programs in Saskatoon and Saskatchewan regional colleges, the Faculty of Social Work delivers the Bachelor of Social Work Program in Whitehorse, Yukon in affiliation with Yukon College, and the Certificate of Social Work Program in Yellowknife, NWT in affiliation with Aurora College. The Faculty of Social Work grants the CISW and BISW offered through the School of Indigenous Social Work, First Nations University of Canada.

The Bachelor of Social Work undergraduate program is generalist in approach and oriented particularly to the Saskatchewan situation with an emphasis on preparation for work in rural and remote areas with minority and disadvantaged groups. The decentralized program and an adult education philosophy encourage part-time studies and continuing education for those employed in the fields of human services.

The Faculty of Social Work Mission Statement reads:

"The social work program of education, research and community service is designed to prepare students for critical generalist social work practice with diverse peoples. Informed by the principles of social justice, the social work program encourages students to identify the needs of the disadvantaged, marginalized and oppressed; to develop the commitment, knowledge, values, attitudes, and skills required to confront structural inequalities; to address personal issues; and to empower individuals, families, and communities to realize their full potential."

Social Work courses are offered on a regular basis in Regina and Saskatoon, and are available in other communities throughout the province. The Faculty of Social Work offers monthly information sessions for students who are interested in applying to the Faculty. Students are strongly encouraged to attend one of these sessions. Students should check bulletin boards in the Faculty of Arts, the Registrar's Office, Student Development Centre, Luther and Campion Registrar’s offices, or the Faculty of Social Work general offices in Regina or Saskatoon for notice of these sessions.

In partnership with the University of Regina, Yukon College offers an accredited undergraduate Bachelor of Social Work program. This program prepares students for generalist social work practice in northern, remote and First Nations communities. The program features a 10-day cultural camp, hosted by a Yukon First Nation and set in a remote wilderness location. Admission criteria, program information and deadlines are available online at The Yukon BSW program has some policies that differ from the BSW offered at the Regina and Saskatoon locations, so in the event of a discrepancy, the Yukon BSW program policies will take precedence.

In partnership with the University of Regina, Aurora College offers a Certificate of Social Work Program that is intended to provide the graduate with a sound basic foundation to work with the cross-cultural populations of the Northwest Territories. The program focuses on such areas as counseling skills, community practice and professional values as well as an understanding of the theoretical models related to human problems, social systems and intervention methods. Successful completion of the program provides students with the opportunity to practice social work in the north or to apply for transfer to U of R, First Nations University of Canada or Yukon College to complete their BSW. The program consists of 66 credits, which can be completed in two years. Application deadline date is June 15th for the Fall semester.

Please contact the Registrar, Aurora College for more information: 867-872-7509 or


Courses are regularly scheduled at the Saskatoon campus, making educational resources and studies accessible to an increased proportion of the province's population. In addition, it provides a means for the Faculty to remain alert to current concerns, needs, and services in the human services field. Please note that the Saskatoon Campus offers only SW courses. Students have access to courses required for the general university studies section of their BSW through the University of Saskatchewan, through the University of Regina on-line and televised courses, as well as through on-line courses offered by other universities.


For information on the Master of Indigenous Social Work (MISW) and the Master of Social Work (MSW) consult the Faculty of Graduate Studies Academic Calendar.

Policies for the Bachelor of Social Work are under review on an ongoing basis. Please contact the Faculty of Social Work in Regina at (306) 585-4554, or in Saskatoon at (306) 664-7370.