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8.6.21 V-TEAM

Every year the Students Union has many opportunities for volunteerism. We have created the V-Team (like the A-Team, but with fewer guns) in order to accommodate students looking to fill those opportunities. Contact our Vice President of Student Affairs for details.


Advocating for students means more than just meeting with politicians. There are always students on campus that are barely making ends meet. In addition to our emergency bursary program, the Students' Union had teamed up with the Regina & District Food Bank to provide non perishable food for people who are going hungry. The community cupboards are located in the student lounge outside of the Front Desk on the second floor of the Riddell Centre. If you need food, it is available on the honor system that you will not take more than you can use right away, thus depriving other students in need. If you would like to donate food, we would be happy to receive it from you at the Front Desk, or you can leave it on the shelves anonymously yourself.


Parking pass too expensive? Bus takes too long? Don't have a car of your own? Tired of a long lonely drive to school with no one to talk to or chip in for gas? Check out the ride board on the URSU website and connect with other students who can give you a ride to school, or are looking for one.


You know those tables you see as you're walking down the hall? The ones with people trying to give you information, or with the cool stuff for sale? Those are available to you too. If you have an event or a club that you want to advertise, or sell tickets to, or if you have things that you want to sell, come and talk to the Front Desk at the Students Union. Campus clubs and societies get those spaces to use for free (in fact we encourage it). Businesses can rent tables for a mere $75.00 per day.


It's tough coming back to school. You know the weather is going to get colder, and there's going to be work to do. But before school work gets too crazy we're going to welcome you back in style! We've got so much for you to do in the first week of school in September that you're going to be longing for that second week of classes just so you can get a break! Parties and activities for every group new students and returning students, young students and mature students, drinkers and non-drinkers. Highlighted by the Concert on the Green, and capped off by the biggest Friday night party of the year in the Lazy Owl, we've got something for you to do. Probably a couple of things.


Address: 221 William Riddell Centre Building, University of Regina, Regina, SK, Canada- S4S 0A2.
Phone: (306) 586-8811, Fax (306) 586-8812





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