Social Justice & Community Safety

This cluster involves research and practice focused on equity and fairness at both individual and systemic levels.  It considers inequities in social, political, and economic power, equitable access to opportunities and resources, as well as scholarship that involves reciprocal University-community engagement. It also includes research that deals with prevention and protection of communities from circumstances or events that could place in jeopardy the safety of individuals or groups.  Researchers in this cluster study a diverse array of topics such as critical theory, labour studies, human rights, Indigenization, post/anti-colonialism, social services, worker safety and worker rights, bullying, community engagement, corrections, genocide, law and law enforcement, emergency preparedness, and victimization.

Social Justice & Community Safety Research Cluster Brochure.





Research interests/Keywords



Anderson, Robert


Faculty of Business Administration

Indigenous entrepreneurship and business development, social responsibility, sustainable development




Department of Psychology,Campion College

Pro-environmental behaviour (PEB) including personal characteristics and values (e.g., nature connection, place attachment) and situational influences (e.g., natural history museums, outdoor scenes).

Beingessner, Naomi Coordinator Community Research Unit, Faculty of Arts Research facilitator: Anonymous Reporting and Third Option Program Pilot Project, Interpersonal Violence and Abuse and Animal Safekeeping, Campus Living Wage Campaign, Farmers, Policy, and Local Food Systems in Saskatchewan: Barriers and Opportunities
Clune, Laurie Associate Professor Faculty of Nursing Community nursing, health literacy, health geography, research focused on marginalized groups: immigrants people with (dis)abilities and differences, injured workers, women,
Institutional Ethnography
Cooper, Elizabeth Assistant Professor Faculty of Kinesiology and Health Studies Indigenous Health, Global Health, Wellness, Decolonization, Gender, Communication/Knowledge Translation

DeSantis, Gloria Assistant Professor, Founder/Facilitator, Voluntary Sector Studies Network Department of Justice, Faculty of Arts Public policy advocacy work of nonprofit organizations working with marginalized populations, health inequities, social justice and human rights
Donnelly, Glenn Associate Dean (Graduate)
Associate Professor
Faculty of Nursing Understanding the human experience of obesity and weight loss surgery with the longer term purpose identifying safety issues and improving the quality of services provided to these people, Bias towards obese individual,stereotypical beliefs, lack of employment opportunities, discrimination in many of society's structures
Eaton, Emily Associate Professor Department of Geography & Environmental Studies, Faculty of Arts Indigenous/settler alliances around environmental justice, Corporate power in the carbon extractive industries, economic, social, political and environmental impacts of resource extraction
Associate Professor
Faculty of Arts
Community media, collaborative investigative journalism, community-engaged scholarship, freedom of information
Fletcher, Kara Assistant Professor Faculty of Social Work Addictions and self-medication, attachment and trauma, mental health, couple and family therapy, and knowledge translation
Gacek, James Assistant Professor
Justice Studies
Incarceration; genocidal carcerality; critical issues in media, justice, and security studies; the exploitation of human-animal relations; sex work, indecency and obscenity jurisprudence; and the broader politics of judicial reasoning.

Grandy, Gina Professor, Associate Dean Research & Graduate Programs Faculty of Business Administration Gender, women in leadership, stigma and work, leadership in not for profits
Hampton, Mary Professor (Luther College) Department of Psychology, Faculty of Arts Anti-violence research
Hanson, Cindy Associate Professor & Director
of Adult Education and Human Resource Development
Faculty of Education Community based research in Indigenous, feminist and labour issues. Policy work regarding the Indian Residential School Settlement Agreement. Intergenerational learning and Adult education for social justice internationally. Teach participatory research methods Cindy.
Hirani, Shela Associate Professor Faculty of Nursing Maternal and child Health, breastfeeding, early child development. humanitarian emergencies, health of immigrants and refugees, qualitative and quantitative research, instrument development and validation.
Hulbert, Margot Associate Professor Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy Law, Government Policy, Aboriginal Governance, Environment and Sustainability, Social Justice, Climate change
Jones, Nick Associate Professor, Department Head Department of Justice Studies, Faculty of Arts Genocide, restorative justice, transitional justice, Aboriginal justice issues, and criminological theory.
Lewis, Patrick Professor Faculty of Education Early Childhood Education, Play and Learning Research, Canada's absence of a National (or provincial) Early Learning and Care Program,Teacher Education
Mantesso, Jaime Instructor III Faculty of Nursing
Mishra, Sandeep Assistant Professor Faculty of Business Administration Antisocial conduct, gambling, inequality and relative deprivation, judgment and decision-making, risk-taking, risk attitudes
Morgan, Yasser Associate Professor Software Systems Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science Wireless MESH Networks, Mobile Ad-hoc Networks, MAC layer and Service Discovery algorithms, Mobile Applications and Middleware, Location-Aware Applications and Mobile Agent, Vehicular Communications specially DSRC and VII, Distributed and Pervasive Computing, Software Engineering Models
Pete, Shauneen Associate Professor Faculty of Education Indigenization of the academy as well as how we reform schooling for social justice (especially for Indigenous learners), aspects of white identity development in relation to disrupting white superiority (in teaching, schooling, the curriculum, policies, and funding)
Pirbhai-Illich, Fatima Associate Professor Language and Literacy Education, Faculty of Education Academic achievement of minoritized (immigrant, refugee, Indigenous) students, critical multicultural education, culturally responsive literacy education including multiliteracies, critical literacies, and English as an Additional Language within teacher education,ethical engagement of internationalization in institutions of higher education
Ruddell, Rick Professor, Law Foundation of Saskatchewan Chair in Police Studies Department of Justice Studies, Faculty of Arts Community safety:Policing/Juvenile justice/Corrections
Russell, Gale Assistant Professor Faculty of Education
Mathematics teaching and learning, decolonization, Indigenous worldview, Traditional Western worldview
Schick, Carol Associate Professor Faculty of Education Anti-oppressive and critical anti-racist pedagogy in schooling and public education
Spooner, Marc Associate Professor Faculty of Education Qualitative and participatory action research at the intersections of theory and action-on-the-ground. Interests:homelessness & poverty, "audit culture" & the effects of neoliberalization & corporatization on higher education, and social justice, activism, & participatory democracy.
Stevens, Andrew Assistant Professor Faculty of Business Administration Labour studies, unionism, industrial relations, sociology of work & employmen
Tucker, Sean Associate Professor Faculty of Business Administration Social justice in the workplace (e.g., worker safety and worker rights, more generally)
Wagner, Joan Assistant Professor Faculty of Nursing Workplace empowerment, horizontal violence. Patient and care provider safety related to healthy workplaces
Watkinson, Ailsa M. Professor, Graduate Studies Coordinator Faculty of Social Work Child physical punishment, child safety, prisoner rights, international social work education, faith based public service provision/Charter Rights, community service, policy analysis
Wilson, Stuart Associate Professor, Department Head of International Languages Department of Economics, Faculty of Arts Savings, Investment, and Economic Growth; Demographic Change and Economic Policy; Public Safety
Zapata, Oscar Assistant Professor Economics Environmental and resource economics, behavioral and experimental economics, development economics, and applied econometrics, with specific emphasis in the economics of water and climate change.