Living Heritage: Identities, Communities, Environments

Living Heritage, as defined by UNESCO*, is also referred to as intangible culture. Research in this area examines the practices, production/reproduction, expression, spaces, and knowledges that protect the diversity of human creativity and humanity’s collective heritage. Every day, University of Regina researchers focus their efforts on understanding and preserving the dynamic and evolving elements of cultural heritage – oral histories, food heritage (traditional, sustainable cuisine), music, dance, ceremony, the natural world, and aesthetic and spiritual beliefs. Through this work, researchers across our campus create partnerships and produce scholarship that positively impacts our communities and our world.

Our researchers are highly engaged in the diverse and creative work that supports Living Heritage scholarship, and are examining a range of diverse activities that centre on it. Through our commitment to creating a culture of Living Heritage on our campus, we envision the University of Regina as a living lab of intangible culture – a space to ask questions, to research, and to experiment – a place where we embrace existing and emerging opportunities within the realm of Living Heritage research.

* The UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage.






Research interests/Keywords



Abbott, Sarah

Associate Professor

Film Department

Experiences of being, the environment, Indigenous cultures and issues, nonhuman intelligence, human rights, ethics, community engagement, ethnographic inquiry, Indigenous Research methodology.

Archibald-Barber, Jesse

Associate Professor

First Nations University of Canada

Saskatchewan Indigenous literary and storytelling history, Cree literatures in English, and Indigenous performance.

Armstrong, Alayne

Assistant Professor

Mathematics Education

Alternative ways of teaching and learning mathematics, interdisciplinary approaches that promote the authority of all learners, the nature of collective cognition in the mathematics classroom and the ways it may be documented.

Arnal, William


 Faculty of Arts

New Testament, Gnosticism, Ancient Religions, Ancient Magic, and Method and Theory

Babayants, Art


Theatre Department

Contemporary Canadian Theatre, Multilingual and Multicultural Dramaturgy, Drama and Second Language Acquisition, Actor Training, Musical Theatre Production, Queer Phenomenology

Bazzul, Jesse

Associate Professor

Science Education

Social theory and its connection to structures of education, social and ecological justice, science and environmental education.

Belisle, Donica

Associate Professor

Faculty of Arts

Sugar, health, critical nutrition, consumption, gender.

Blake, Raymond


Faculty of Arts

Canadian politics, nationalism and identity, social welfare, and resource policy


Bracht, Kathryn Associate Professor

Theatre Department

Physical theatre, ethnographic theatre, solo performance, devising, new play development, acting and directing.

Caines, Rebecca Associate Professor

Faculty of Media, Art, and Performance (Creative Technologies)

Performance studies, creative technologies, community-based practices, new media, sound art, improvisation, site-specific art, cultural studies, augmentation.

Charrier, Philip

Associate Professor and Head of the Dept.

Faculty of Arts

Contemporary Japanese history; visual culture; processes of modernization and development in Asia

Cooper, Elizabeth

Assistant Professor

Faculty of Kinesiology and Health Studies

Indigenous Health, Global Health, Wellness, Decolonization, Gender, Communication/Knowledge Translation

Coupal, Michelle

Associate Professor

Faculty of Arts

Indigenous literatures of Turtle Island, teaching trauma and Indian residential school literature, and trauma and testimony

Daschuk, James

Associate Professor

Faculty of Kinesiology and Health Studies

Impact of environmental change on the health of indigenous people, the role of disease, changes to subsistence practices and climate change in the historical development of western Canada. The impact of introduced species, horses and domestic cattle, on the well-being of First Nations.

Demers, Jason

Sessional Lecturer III Faculty of Arts The politics of translation, prison writing, 20th and 21st-century American literature, cultural studies, literary theory, literature and social justice.

Farney, Jim

Department Head and Associate Professor Faculty of Arts Canadian party politics, political institutions, and religion and politics.

Farrell-Racette, Sherry

Associate Professor

Visual Arts First Nations and Métis history and art history, Indigenous knowledge and pedagogy, contemporary Indigenous art, photography, film, collections-based research in museums and curatorial practices, First Nations and Métis traditional arts, issues of representation and self-representation, feminist, Indigenous and creative research methodologies.

Fay, Holly

Assistant Professor

Visual Arts Painting and Drawing techniques and methodologies, installation, ecology and natural systems, anthropocentric representation of nature in the tradition of Western landscape art, phenomenology, conceptual drawing.

Fletcher, Amber

Associate Professor Sociology and Social Studies Sociology of gender; gender and climate change; gender and public policy, gender and water; qualitative research methodology and methods; participatory action research; critical realism; feminist theories; sociology of the family.

Gacek, James

Assistant Professor Justice Studies Incarceration; genocidal carcerality; critical issues in media, justice, and security studies; the exploitation of human-animal relations; sex work, indecency and obscenity jurisprudence; and the broader politics of judicial reasoning.

Ganev, Robin

Assistant Professor and Graduate Student Advisor Faculty of Arts Popular ballads in eighteenth-century Britain, the relationship between literature and history, social history, and the history of national identity.

Garneau, David

Professor Visual Arts Painting, contemporary Aboriginal art (Canada and Australia); critical art writing, curation.

Gendron, Fidji

Associate Professor First Nations University of Canada Plant Ecology, Traditional Plant Uses

Germani, Ian

Professor and Director of Humanities and Research Institute Faculty of Arts European history; French history (political and cultural); military history

Grande, Troni

Associate Professor Faculty of Arts Early-modern drama, 18th-century drama, literary theory (especially feminism), genre studies, editing.

Hanson, Cindy

Professor and Director Faculty of Education Participatory, community based, and transformational forms of learning and research. My scholarship is linked to nonformal learning, equity issues, and research and facilitation methodologies. My funded research includes work on intergenerational learning in Indigenous communities, gender, and labour education. My research is local and global in scope.

Hébert, Cristyne


Assistant Professor Faculty of Education Digital game-based learning, digital storytelling, and maker pedagogies.

Horowitz, Risa

Associate Professor Visual Arts Research-creation; photo-based media; the history of photography and visual landscape mythologies

Irwin, Kathleen Associate Dean Faculty of Media, Art, and Performance Site-specific practice, community-engaged art, web-based performance, identity, and mobility/stasis in performance.

Jeffery, Bonnie Professor Faculty of Social Work Income security and poverty; health policy; women and health; distance education issues in social work education; social policy issues for women and northern communities; quantitative and qualitative research design in the human services; Aboriginal health.

Juschka, Darlene

Associate Professor Faculty of Arts Feminist methods, theories, and epistemologies; popular culture; globalization; feminist history; gender and sexuality studies (ancient and modern); approaches to the study of religion; symbol, myth, and ritual (ancient and modern); folk religions, shamanism, and possession; cross cultural study of religion, ancient Greek and Roman religions; ritual associated with death and burial (ancient and modern).

King, Anna-Leah

Assistant Professor Faculty of Education

Indigenous Education, Educational Core Studies, Language and Literacy Education Chair, Indigenization

Kuehling, Susanne

Associate Professor Anthropology Gift exchange, Place, Personhood, Migration, Gender, Ethics, Oceania (Melanesia, Micronesia)

Leyton-Brown, Kenneth

Associate Professor History Canadian legal history, with particular emphasis on the legal history of Saskatchewan

Londoño Sulkin, Carlos David

Professor Faculty of Arts The Anthropology of Morality and Ethics, Pragmatism, Relativism, Indigenous Amazonia, Semiotics and Language, Female Genital Surgeries, the Anthropology of Science.

Marsh, Charity

Professor Faculty of Media, Art, and Performance Indigenous Hip Hop Cultures, Popular Music in Canada, and Electronic Dance Music Cultures

Mather, Philippe

Associate Professor Faculty of Media, Art, and Performance Orientalism in Film, Film Music, Theories of Genre and Authorship, Stanley Kubrick, Science-Fiction.

Mathews, Vanessa

Associate Professor Faculty of Arts Heritage, urban space, urban planning, gentrification, embodied practices, industrial restructuring, craft beer

McGinnis, Angela

Assistant Professor Faculty of Education Indigenous peoples, cultural connectedness, strengths-based research, quantitative/qualitative/Indigenous methodologies, and nature-based therapy.

McNeil, Barbara

Associate Professor Faculty of Education Literacy teaching and learning, critical literacies, critical pedagogies, writing pedagogies, children’s literature, linguistic diversity, teacher education, arts education, multicultural education, children and war, and inclusive museums.

Melançon, Jérôme Assistant Professor La Cité universitaire francophone Political philosophy, phenomenology philosophy, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, democracy, political engagement and action, intercultural relations, reconciliation, Canadian Francophone politics and society, literature, philosophy and social science.

Mudde, Anna Associate Professor Faculty of Arts Epistemology; feminist philosophy; metaphysics; selfhood and subjectivity; philosophy of race; Simone de Beauvoir.

Pearce, Wes

Associate Dean, Interdisciplinary Programs and Special Projects Faculty of Media, Art, and Performance Contemporary Canadian Theatre Design, Scenography in Sharon Pollock’s plays, Intersections of theatre, homophobia and queerness, musical theatre

Petty, Sheila

Professor Film Department New media, cinema, television narrative and aesthetics, African and African diasporic cinema, television & web texts and post-colonialism.

Pirbhai-Illich, Fatima

Professor Faculty of Education Critical multicultural education, culturally responsive literacy education including multiliteracies, critical literacies, English as an Additional Language within teacher education, and ethical engagement of internationalization in institutions of higher education.

Poplyansky, Michael

Assistant Professor La Cité universitaire francophone Contemporary nationalist movements; History of Francophone minorities in Canada

Pridmore, Helen Associate Professor Music Department Performance, improvisation, collaboration, community, experimentation

Purdham, Medrie

Assistant Professor Faculty of Arts Prosody, creative writing, modern to postmodern Canadian poetry and fiction, 20th-century drama

Ramsay, Christine

Professor Film Department Canadian and Saskatchewan cinemas; masculinities in contemporary cultures; curatorial studies in expanded cinema; culture of small cities; philosophies of identity.

Reul, Barbara

Professor Luther College Early music, especially early 18th-century German court music; J. F. Fasch and his contemporaries; archival research; women and music; organ music.

Ricketts, Kathryn

Associate Professor Faculty of Education Spectatorship and the culturally-inscripted body within our ever-growing world of fluid borders and hybrid identities with a focus on inclusive education.

Rogers, Randal

Associate Professor Faculty of Media, Art, and Performance


Research interests: visual cultures of forensics; spies and sexualities; biopolitics; flight/crash/simulation; universal expositions

Schroeter, Sara

Assistant Professor Faculty of Education Critical race studies; drama education; literacy; French minority language school

Smith, Megan

Associate Professor Faculty of Media, Art, and Performance New media, geo-location, storytelling, creative technologies, community-based practices, site-specific art, curation, DIY & maker culture, pop-up festival culture.

Smith, Paul Simard

Assistant Professor Faculty of Arts Philosophy of Logic, Philosophy of Language, Epistemology and Metaphysics

Sterzuk, Andrea Professor Faculty of Education Power, identity and language in schools and in higher education.

Stoddart, Alexandra

Assistant Professor Faculty of Education Physical education, the physical education curriculum, and physical literacy using both qualitative and quantitative research methods.

Stojanova, Christina

Associate Professor Film Political, social, and aesthetic aspects of (post) communist cinemas, cinema of Québec, interwar German cinema; Narrative, hybridity, and Intermediality in the digital age; Ludwig Wittgenstein; Freudian, Lacanian, and (Neo) Jungian analytical psychology

Trussler, Michael

Professor Faculty of Arts American literature and culture, the visual arts, and the short story in general.

Vetter, Mary

Professor Emerita Biology Botany, Plant Taxonomy

Wilson, Kenneth

Professor Faculty of Arts Walking, treaty, Anthropocene, psychogeography

Zapata, Oscar

Assistant Professor Economics Environmental and resource economics, behavioral and experimental economics, development economics, and applied econometrics, with specific emphasis in the economics of water and climate change.