Philippe Mather

Film - Campion
Associate Professor

Office: CM 502
Phone: 306-359-1229

Research interests
Orientalism in Film, Film Music, Theories of Genre and Authorship, Stanley Kubrick, Science-Fiction.

Dr. Philippe Mather teaches film studies for Campion College at the University of Regina. He has co-edited a collection of essays on French science-fiction in film, literature and comics, and written a book on Stanley Kubrick's career as a photojournalist, in which he argues that Kubrick's better known work as a filmmaker owes much to the post-war visual aesthetics of photomagazines, as well as their dominant themes and storytelling conventions.

His current research focuses on orientalism in film, specifically Western representations of the city-state of Singapore. He plans to develop a typology of orientalist tropes based in part on the work of Edward Said. Under review are essays titled "Shanghaied in Singapore: Dogmas of Orientalism," and "Intercultural Sensitivity in Orientalist Cinema."

He has an ongoing interest in science-fiction film, which was the topic of his doctoral dissertation, where he proposed a semiotic definition of the genre. He has also taught courses on film music, a frequently overlooked topic due to its allegedly technical nature, an impression that he always seeks to demystify.


  • PhD from the University of Paris III - New Sorbonne, 1995.
  • MA from the University of Iowa, 1989.
  • BFA from Concordia University, 1986.


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