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Creative Technologies and Design

Program Area Overview

Creative Technologies and Design is for students who have an interest in art, design, technology, culture, and interdisciplinary study. Explore digital culture while working in 3D animation, interactive media and installations, visual communication and graphic design, physical computing, creative computation, virtual and augmented reality, sound art, digital storytelling, computer gaming, and sound technologies.

Creative Technologies and Design degrees can include courses from all programs in the Faculty of Media, Art, and Performance, the Department of Computer Science, and the Faculty of Engineering, with opportunities to draw on courses from the Faculties of Arts, Education, and more.

The Creative Technologies and Design programs are unique in Saskatchewan and across the prairie provinces.

Come Play With Us!

In Creative Technologies and Design we encourage collaboration, experimentation, play, and thinking outside the box. In the first two years students focus on developing specialized skills across a range of technologies used in industry, while gaining hands-on experience through creative assignments and collaboration. Our small studio courses in years three and four focus on project-based exploration and professionalization. Our students develop skills as designers, artists, scientists, developers, theorists, entrepreneurs, and practice-based scholars, as they learn to think about creative technologies and design in new and critical ways.

Two hands working on electronic gadgets

I grew to appreciate the power of collaboration because the environment involves a lot of peer feedback and critique sessions. It places us students as valuable voices along with the instructor.

Maria Azam
BSc Computer Science with a Minor in Creative Technologies
Graduate Student at Emily Carr University

Why Study Creative Technologies and Design?

Creative Technologies and Design encourages studies and research outside of and across traditional areas of study, bringing together artists, designers, scientists, and cultural theorists to converge and explore new approaches to art-making and creative problem-solving that re-imagine the impact and power of technology within the fine arts including visual and media arts, music, film, and theatre, and the creative industries.

Two hands working on electronic gadgets

I have been drawing and painting since I was young but I never imagined myself taking classes in engineering or computer science. I was very surprised when I took a computer science class and learned to program wearable technologies. It turned out to be one of my favourite classes.

Emma Chuckry
BA MAP with a concentration in Creative Technologies and minor in Photography, 2020
Communications Strategist, Faculty of Science, University of Regina

Creative Possibility and Innovation

Our courses also supplement traditional study in Fine Arts. For example, imagine:

  • How an artist can make their art interactive and accessible to more audiences with Augmented Reality
  • How real-time interactivity through the incorporation of custom electronics enriches the process of making art installations
  • How the development and programming of topic-sensitive mobile apps augments a course in performance theatre
  • How a course working with a tablet as an instrument broadens traditional music training by including new media
  • How a course in expanded cinema enhances approaches to animation
  • How 3D modeling, laser cutting and rapid prototyping facilitates new avenues in sculpture

In Creative Technologies and Design, the possibilities are limitless.

Two hands working on electronic gadgets

Creative Technologies teaches a common language between the artistic and the technological. In my experience, being multi-disciplinary makes you incredibly valuable in many different professional fields and you stand out.

Jaecy Bells
BA MAP - concentration in Creative Technologies / minor in Arts Administration
Graduate Student

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