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Vanessa Mathews

Associate Professor
PhD, University of Toronto

Office: Classroom Building 339
Phone: 306-585-5329
Fax: 306-585-4815

Research interests
Heritage, urban space, urban planning, gentrification, embodied practices, industrial restructuring, craft beer

Current Projects:

My current research explores the following themes:

1. Heritage and urban change
2. Craft beer, industrial transformation, and economic development (collaboration with Dr. Roger Picton, Trent University)
3. Embodied practices and public space

Recent Publications:

Mathews, Vanessa (early online) Lofts in Translation: Gentrification in the Warehouse District,
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canadian Geographer.

Mathews, Vanessa (early online) Reconfiguring the Breastfeeding Body in Urban Public Spaces, Social & Cultural Geography.

Mathews, Vanessa (2018) Reusing Buildings, Of Land & Living Skies: A Community Journal on Place, Land, and Learning. (Issue 8)

Mathews, Vanessa (2014) Incoherence and Tension in Culture-Led Redevelopment, International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 38(3), pp. 1019-1036.

Mathews, Vanessa & Roger M. Picton (2014) Intoxifying Gentrification: Brew Pubs and the Geography of Post-Industrial Heritage, Urban Geography, 35(3), pp. 337-356.

Mathews, Vanessa, (2013) book review of Richard Lloyd, Neo-Bohemia: Art and Commerce in the Postindustrial City, 2nd ed. (New York: Routledge) in The Canadian Geographer (invited).

Mathews, Vanessa (2010) Aestheticizing Space: Art, Gentrification and the City, Geography Compass, 4(6), pp. 660-675 (invited).

Mathews, Vanessa (2010) Set Appeal: Film Space and Urban Redevelopment, Social & Cultural Geography, 11(2), pp. 171-190.

Mathews, Vanessa (2008) Artcetera: Narrativizing Gentrification in Yorkville, Toronto, Urban Studies, 45(13), pp. 2849-76.

Mathews, Vanessa (2006) Art Space and Image Value: Redevelopment at the Distillery District, Progressive Planning, Spring (No. 167).