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Atiyah-Singer Index Seminar

Thu., Oct. 8, 2015 10:00 a.m.

Location: RIC 215

  • Speaker:  Asghar Ghorbanpour
  • Title: An overview of Index Theory 
  • Abstract: 

    The Atiyah-Singer index theorem is in the very heart of the
    modern mathematics and physics. It was proved by Michael
    Atiyah and Isadore Singer at 1963 and was quickly transformed
    to a vast research area; different proofs, among which one can
    mention the heat kernel proof, were presented and different
    new theories were developed and many applications in both
    mathematics and physics were discovered. The theorem
    provides a formula for the (Fredholm) index of elliptic operators
    in terms of topological invariants of the manifolds and vector

    As S. S. Chern once said “Even there is no research results,
    it is worthwhile to study the Atiyah-Singer index theorem”.
    This series of learning seminar will be an introduction to
    index theory and the related topics from which graduate students
    from different fields can benefit.