Bachelor in Medical Radiation Technology

This program is new for our Department and is offered in partnership with Saskatchewan Polytechnic.  For admission to the BMRT program, students must have completed a two year Medical Radiation Technology Diploma Program* in Canada recognized by Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (CAMRT), with a minimum GPA of 60.00 % in addition to meeting the high school admission requirements for the Faculty of Science. Internationally educated Medical Radiation Technologists with CAMRT certification will be also considered.  An example of such program is the Medical Radiologic Technology Diploma program at the Saskatchewan Polytechnic. Students meeting admission requirements will be granted 60 hours of block transfer credit toward this degree program.

BMRT Timetable

*Medical Radiation Technology includes disciplines of Medical Radiological Technology, Nuclear Medicine Technology, Magnetic Resonance Technology, and Medical Radiation Therapy.