Advanced Leadership Certificate

Take your leadership skills to the next level with the Advanced Leadership Certificate.

In this cohort-based program, you will maximize your leadership strengths and competencies while gaining powerful insights to leadership development. Using the EQi 2.0 assessment tool, you will understand how your Emotional Intelligence impacts your leadership style. This program takes an immersive look at both your personal and professional leadership journey. You will receive one-on-one professional coaching along with in-depth classroom learning and cohort support to assist in defining your leadership brand.

The Advanced Leadership Certificate is open to graduates of the Professional Leadership Certificate, ELIS and SIHL. Those with equivalent management or professional development experience will also be considered. Call today to register 306-585-5748. 

This is a cohort-based program that includes six courses that are scheduled bi-weekly in a single semester. Students complete the program as a class from start-to-finish and MUST COMMIT to all of the dates listed.

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for Stronger Leadership Performance

• Journey mapping
• EQI 2.0 assessment
• One-on-One coaching

  • Pre-requisite: Professional Leadership Certificate or equivalent professional development/experience
  • Seminars to complete: 6 courses (two half days each) and one half-day kick off
  • Number of hours: 45.5 class hours + take home work
  • Achievement: Advanced Leadership Certificate
  • Course Fee: $3,750
  • Registration deadline: September 23, 2022
  • REGISTER: Call Student Services Non-credit at 306-585-5748. Online registration is not available for this program.

Funding Opportunities

Our non-credit programs may qualify for the Canada-Saskatchewan Job Grant, Canada Training Credit, Re-Skill Saskatchewan Training Subsidy (RSTS) and the URAA Alumni Professional Development Award.


Type Name Instructor Upcoming
Required Advanced Leadership Kick Off

All instructors Sep 27
Required Module 1 - Discover Your Potential Cristine Saxon Oct 11 & 12
Required Module 2 - Express Your Vision Penelope Popp Oct 25 & 26
Required Module 3 - Inspire Impact Laura Soparlo Nov 8 & 9
Required Module 4 - Choose With Purpose Penelope Popp Nov 22 & 23
Required Module 5 - Achieve Resilience Jacqueline Messer-Lepage Dec 6 & 7
Required Closing Module - Journey Map Presentations All instructors Dec 13

Course Descriptions

Module 1 - Discover Your Potential


Understanding yourself is an important step to becoming a better leader of others. In this class, you will learn to distinguish between your core and aspirational values. You’ll explore unconscious bias and consider your leadership blind spots. And you’ll explore how to become a more authentic leader by leveraging your emotional self-awareness. You’ll reflect on where you’ve come from, what you’ve learned, and how to apply this as you define your ideal future state as a leader. This enhanced self-awareness will provide a solid foundation so you can be heartfully engaged in this program.

Module 2 - Express Your Vision


Now that we are more comfortable with our authentic selves, we will cast a vision and set some goals. We are becoming aware of patterns, and will use self-perception to shift the balance of power from old internal voices to new internal voices. We will practice using our self-perception to assertively express thoughts and feelings and how others view this. Explore how to become more emotionally independent and discover how to communicate our feelings in constructive and socially acceptable ways. We will recognize how to balance our independence to gain empowerment in ourselves, but not alienate others. At the end of the course, you will leave with a personal vision and skills to practice building your self-esteem, your self-confidence and improving your assertiveness techniques.

Module 3 - Inspire Impact


You will learn how effective leaders can build more meaningful relationships with others in a way that builds trust, loyalty and motivation. You will understand the impact your communication style has on others and whether you are achieving the results you intend. You will appreciate the importance of an empathetic leader; recognizing and acknowledging the emotions of others and how to effectively manage your emotions in your response. Lastly you will appreciate the importance of being a socially responsible leader, and inspiring others towards a greater purpose of your organization or community.  

Module 4 - Choose with Purpose


Apply a decision framework for next steps in our personal leadership journey. We will discover how our individual approaches to risk influence decision-making processes. As part of the course, we will become familiar with decision analysis and problem-solving frameworks to gain skill and comfort in making strategic decisions. We will practice gaining alternate perspectives as a means of understanding innovation and anticipating risk. We will come away with our own next steps and an appreciation of how transformational leadership can improve the quality of team decision-making.

Module 5 - Achieve Resilience


Is stress something to worry about or can it be a tool to improve our level of function and actually help us accomplish more?

This course will help you to identify and manage triggers of stress in yourself and others. You will gain an understanding of leadership and workplace factors that influence individual stress and learn how your personality can impact your perceptions of stress, and your approach to managing it. You will learn coping approaches, along with strategies to improve personal resilience.

By the end of the course you should be able to recognize different approaches to stress management and coping, how resilience is created, and some of the more successful approaches to managing stress in everyday life.

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