Professional Microcredentials

More than ever before, employers are looking for employees with strong communication, leadership and resiliency skills.

Sharpen your skills and earn a recognizable credential with our new microcredential programs. Designed so you can learn while you work, these Badges are online and flexible with no prerequisites required. Best of all, you can typically complete a Badge in 14 hours or less so you can benefit from your new skills quickly.

The specialized content for our microcredentials was created with the input of industry experts to help you advance and succeed in your career. If you’re ready to add value to your resume and boost your employability, take your next step and register today.

Plain Professional MicrocredentialWhat are they?

A Professional Microcredential at the Centre for Continuing Education is made up of three bite-sized Badges that are flexible, timely, and aim to upskill, reskill and boost skills that are in demand by industry. This style of focused learning allows you to specialize in a narrow range of competencies, which complement your existing experience or education and makes a great addition to your resume. In short, they enhance your employability, verify a skillset you may already have and make you more proficient in current or future roles.

How do they work?

Each Professional Microcredential consists of three Badges. Once you’ve completed a Badge, you will receive a digital recognition of a particular skill or skill set. Badges are stackable, so completing three in a specific area within two years will earn you a
Professional Microcredential — zero prerequisites required!

These accolades are industry recognizable and shareable, so you can add them to your resumé,
LinkedIn profile or portfolio.

Who are they for?

• People who are looking to upskill, reskill or build skillsPlain Digital Badge
• Those who are looking to gain recognition for a specific skill or set of skills
• Students looking to obtain industry-recognizable credentials while pursuing their education
• Jobseekers looking to obtain hireable skills relevant to key industries to boost their resumé
• Businesses and industry partners looking to upskill and reskill their employees

Which Professional Microcredentials are offered?

Business Communications
• High Impact Leadership
Project Compliance
Responsive Management

Badge, Professional Microcredential and Professional Certificate

Credential Badge Professional Microcredential Professional Certificate
Description Bite-sized, skill-specific, stand-alone verifications Short, verified learning experience in a specific skill set Verified learning experience with concepts reinforced over a series of courses
Length It varies, typically 14 hours or less 3 Badges over several months or up to 2 years 7 courses over several months or up to 3 years
Credit or professional development Professional development Professional development Professional development
Fees (2022-23)
plus GST
$695 per Badge $695 x 3 = $2,085 per Professional Microcredential $695 x 7 = $4,865 per Professional Certificate


Funding Opportunities

Our non-credit programs may qualify for Canada-Saskatchewan Job Grant Funding. Please note that this is an employer-driven program. The employer must apply on behalf of their employees.

Badges, Professional Microcredentials and Professional Certificates qualify for the Canada Training Credit, Re-Skill Saskatchewan Training Subsidy (RSTS) and the URAA Alumni Professional Development Award.

Learn more about microcredentials in Saskatchewan

The Government of Saskatchewan explains how microcredentials benefit learners, employers and post-secondary institutions in the province.