Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions that aren't answered here, call us at 306-585-5807.

Q: How do I get admitted to the University?

There are deadlines for admission, usually about 1 week before courses officially start each semester. There are two possibilities for admission:

Open Admission – is available to students 21 years of age or older or those who have special approval from the Director of the Centre for Continuing Education. Students who apply for admission on the basis of Open Admission need not supply any documentation of academic history. Students admitted to the CCE on the basis of Open Admission are not eligible for transfer to other faculties at the University of Regina until regular university and specific faculty admission requirements are met.Regular Admission – requires Saskatchewan Division IV (21 credits) or Secondary level Standing (24 credits) and documentation must be provided as set out in the General Calendar of the University of Regina.

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Q: Is there a fee for Admission?

Yes, there is a one-time non-refundable application fee. Students who have been previously admitted to the University of Regina do not pay this fee.

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Q: Do I have to be admitted to the University to take courses?

Yes, all students taking University of Regina courses must first be admitted to the University.

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Q: I've received my letter of acceptance, now what do I do?

You can register online or contact the Credit Studies Division office to register for courses. You may want to make an appointment with an academic advisor so you can discuss schedules and the courses you should take.

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Q: When are courses offered?

Night and weekend and online classes in addition to day classes are available during the Fall semester (September to December), the Winter semester (January to April); and during Summer University (May & June and July & August).

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Q: How do I know what courses are offered?

You can check a University of Regina General Calendar available at your Regional College, the Registrar's Office of the University of Regina and most libraries throughout the province. You can also view the current calendar online at University of Regina General Calendar.

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Q: Can I get help in deciding which courses to take?

Academic Advisors in every Faculty are pleased to assist you in finding and selecting courses. Call your Faculty Office for an appointment. If you are a Certificate student, call 585-5807 to make an appointment for academic advising.

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Q: What if I am a University of Regina graduate or am a student in another U of R program?

Students may transfer up to 50% of certificate courses completed through another university. If you are planning to complete or transfer course work, please contact us to ensure you meet applicable deadlines and residency requirements.

Students can complete certificate programs concurrently while in another U of R program. Students wishing to complete a certificate concurrently with a degree program should complete a Declaration so Secondary Program form and seek advisting from the Centre for Continuing Education.

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Q: How do I know what textbooks are required?

Once you have registered for a course, you can check for the required texts by accessing the Web Services for Students CHECK. Additionally, there are computer terminals inside the University Bookstore that are intended specifically for looking up the textbooks required for each course. You have to find your courses in it and then it tells you what books you need to buy. If the course isn't listed, your instructor will tell you on the first day of class which book(s) you need.

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Q: When and where do I pay my tuition?

Tuition and fees are due on the first day of lectures at the beginning of each semester. Each student is required to pay the full amount during the first four weeks of the semester. You may pay your tuition on-line at Login to UR Self-Service or at the Financial Services Office of the University. You can also pay by phone if you are using a credit card. Students registered through CCE may also make payment in Room 104 of the College Building.

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Q: Will I receive a statement for paying my tuition?

Statements are mailed to students twice a year by the Financial Services office; once in the second week in August and once again in the middle of December. You will not receive one if you registered prior to the statements being mailed out. You are responsible for payment of fees regardless of whether or not you received a statement. You can also check the Web Services for Students link from to see what fees are owed if you do not receive a statement.

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Q: Can an employer be invoiced for my fees?

No, students must pay their fees although in many cases their employer will reimburse them. Employers wishing to pay a lump sum for all employees enrolled at the University of Regina must make special prior arrangements with Financial Services.

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Q: "Athletic and rec" fees and "student union" fees appear on my invoice. What are these fees for?

To maintain intramural activities and other fitness opportunities on the campus, all students enrolled in University of Regina courses pay athletic and recreation fees. All students, including part-time students, may take advantage of these opportunities. Similarly, student union fees are paid by all students to support the activities of the Students' Union such as publishing the student newspaper titled the Carillon, selling used books and providing a formal means of voicing student concerns to the administration of the University.

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Q: Where do I park and how do I get a parking pass?

Students may use metered visitor parking or obtain various types of parking passes available to students. Student parking areas are designated and valid permits must be displayed. Parking passes and further parking information may be obtained from the parking office at 585.5555 from 8:15 a.m. to 4:15 p.m., Monday to Friday.

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Q: How do I register for a course?

Once you have chosen your course(s), you will register through the Faculty to which you have been admitted. This may be done online, in person at the Faculty office or by telephone.

Students can also register online using UR Self-Service.  You can access this service and up to date course and registration information by visiting UR Self-Service . Ensure that you have advance permission* for any classes that have registration restrictions. If you require assistance or do not have access to the Internet, please contact the Credit Studies Division office. If you have difficulty it may be that you need advance permission to register in the class.

*Advance Permission:

Students may obtain Advance Permission to register for a section when course or class prerequisites, corequisites, repeat, link, program, faculty, campus and/or other registration restrictions are not satisfied.

This permission is based on the academic, course, and program regulations.  It is not automatic and will be given only when the regulations are met and in exceptional circumstances.

The faculty or college office determines who is qualified to grant and enter the Advance Permission on the student's academic record. The Advance Permission is assigned to the student for a course or a section of a given semester.

The Advance Permission does not guarantee that the student will be registered, that space will be available in the section, or that the course will apply to the student's program.  The permission only allows the student to bypass the registration restrictions of the course or section online. Once the permission is assigned the student may proceed with their registration in that course or section.

Please consult the appropriate academic regulation, course, program section of the Undergraduate Calendar to determine if you need Advance Permission and how to obtain that permission if required. Credit Studies Division students should contact the office at  585.5807 if they require assistance in determining whether or not they need Advance Permission before registering.

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Q: When can I register for each semester?

Registration generally begins mid-March for the Spring/Summer and Fall Semesters, and mid-November for the Winter but you may be subject to time tickets. To find our exact times and deadlines for each semester, check UR Self-Service.

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Q: How many students are in the classes?

There is a wide variation in classes depending upon subject, timing and location. However, over 80% of the first and second year classes have 50 students or less. Almost all of the 3rd and 4th year classes have 25 students or less. Most courses offered by the Credit Studies Division have 30 students or less.

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Q: What if I run into trouble in my course?

Speak with the instructor as soon as you experience difficulty. They are willing to assist you with the material and in finding tutors or extra help. If unable to contact the instructor, arrange an appointment with a counselor in the Credit Studies Division office.

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Q: Where is the College Building?

The College Building, home to CCE and the Credit Studies Division, is at the intersection of Scarth Street and College Avenue in Regina. The abbreviation "CB" appearing on your forms designates the College Building.

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Q: Some facilities on Campus (the Library and fitness areas, for example) require Student I.D. and/or Photo I.D. How do I obtain these?

You will receive your Student I.D. number when you are admitted to the University when you have registered for a course.

Student photo-ID cards are produced at the Registrar's Office. To obtain a photo-ID, you will need to present a valid driving license with photo, or valid passport. A photo-ID card is required to use campus facilities such as the Physical Activity Centre, Library, and Audio-visual Services, and to write examinations in some courses.

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Q: What if I want to add or drop a course?

Note that there are deadlines for adding or dropping courses each semester. Go to UR Self-Service to add or drop a course. Remember to check time conflicts when adding a course. If you need assistance, contact the Centre for Continuing Education.

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Q: If I don't go after the first week, is this like dropping the course?

No, you will be charged the full price of the course and receive a failing grade unless you officially withdraw from the course. This can be done by filling out a course change form, or by e-mailing or faxing a note to the Credit Studies Division office. Non-attendance does not constitute withdrawal.

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Q: When and how do I find out my final grade?

University regulations require instructors to submit final grades 5 days after the last class or final examination. Students may check their grades on UR Self-Service.

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Q: How can I get a copy of my transcript?

You may obtain an unofficial copy of your academic record through UR Self-Service. Official transcripts may be obtained by calling the Registrar's Office, Transcripts and Records at 306-585-4173. A signed Transcript Request Form is required and is available at the Registrar's Office Request for Transcripts.

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Q: Do I need to fill out the application for graduation if I am not attending the ceremony?

Yes, students must apply to graduate from any program by completing an Application for Graduation form. Those who do not apply will not graduate and will not receive their printed certificate or diploma.

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Q: How do I get my certificate if I don't attend convocation?

Students not attending convocation can pick up their certificate from the Registrar's Office a few days after the Convocation ceremony or wait to have it mailed to them (usually about one month after convocation).

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