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Academic advising is designed to help students to understand their academic options and to build a degree program with academic integrity, tailored to their particular interests and goals. Students who enroll in the Faculty through Campion College, Luther College, or the First Nations University of Canada receive all academic advising from their College, and should consult the Federated and Affiliated Colleges section of this Calendar or their College’s Academic or Registrar’s Office for more information. Students who enroll in the Faculty directly are encouraged to arrange for academic advising upon receipt of their letter of admission or transfer by calling the Arts Student Services Office at 306-585-4137 or by email at Advising is recommended prior to registration in the first semester. The Faculty recommends that students consult an advisor at least once a year.

The Arts Student Services Office will provide a printed program audit on request. Students may access (and print) program outline forms at:

Students may also obtain other general information regarding programs, academic regulations, and registration from the Arts Student Services Office web site at

Students are required to fulfill all the “Responsibilities of Students” described in 5.1 of this Calendar.


The Faculty’s standard method of registration is online using UR Self-Service Students who enroll in the Faculty directly should contact the Arts Student Services Office (CL 411) if they have any questions about registration procedures. Students who enroll through Campion College, Luther College or the First Nations University of Canada should contact their college.

Students are responsible for ensuring that program requirements and academic regulations are met. Online registration does not prevent students from registering in courses that do not apply to their degree program or for which they have not met the prerequisite(s). Students must choose their courses to satisfy the prerequisites of the course (refer to course descriptions in 20 or in UR Self-Service) and the requirements of their degree program(s) (refer to degree program requirements listed in the departmental sections).  Refer also to 3.

Students should confirm their registration by consulting UR Self-Service at Course Load

The normal maximum course load for any semester (Fall, Winter, or Spring/Summer) is outlined in 3.4.

Students with uncleared deferrals should refer to 5.7.8.

Students can request permission from the Arts Student Services Office (or, for students registered through a Federated College, from their College’s Academic or Registrar’s Office) to carry up to 3 additional credit hours. To be eligible for consideration, they must have successfully completed 30 credit hours and have a UGPA of at least 70%. Prerequisites

Students are responsible for ensuring that they have the required prerequisite(s) before taking a course. Students who fail a course that is a prerequisite for one in which they are already registered must make appropriate changes to their registration. Registration Permit/Override Permission

Under certain circumstances students must obtain permission before they can register online for certain course sections. Refer to §3.2.2. Students requiring such permission must complete a Registration Permit/Override Permission form, obtain all the required signatures, and deliver the form to the Arts Student Services Office (or to the appropriate federated college if they are registered with a college). The form is available at or from the Arts Student Services Office.

Permission must be obtained in the following instances (and is not automatically granted, nor does it guarantee space in a class):

  • A third attempt in a course (or fourth attempt for ENGL 100) (also refer to 9.7.6);
  • The required prerequisite has not been completed;
  • Permission of department head or a placement test is required to register;
  • The Faculty, College, Program or Major restriction is not met;
  • Scheduling conflicts. Registration Requirements for Students Granted Mature Admission

Students granted mature admission are limited to registering in a maximum of 12 credit hours per semester. They may register in more than 12 credit hours per semester only if they have the equivalent of 12 credit hours of transfer credit from another recognized post-secondary institution with a grade point average of 65% or better.