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A student's PGPA for graduation purposes will be calculated only on those courses taken at the University of Regina that form part of the degree (i.e., failed courses, extra courses and transfer credits are not included). Courses that are required to be taken at another institution as part of a University of Regina program will be treated as University of Regina courses.


Applications for graduation may be submitted to the Faculty or Colleges at any time. Students who wish to have their degree conferred as soon as possible after completing the degree requirements should apply while in their final semester of courses. No fewer than 25 days are required to process applications for students who complete in mid-semester and those who apply after completing requirements. Applications will be considered at the next scheduled meetings of the Faculty of Fine Arts Committee on Admission, Studies and Procedures (which meets September to May) and of Executive of Council (which meets September to November and January to June). Students who plan to attend the Convocation ceremony should note the relevant deadlines in 6.9. For additional information about graduation please refer to 6.4 and 6.5.


Students must have a minimum PGPA of 65.00% in all courses and a minimum GPA of at least 65.00% in all courses taken in the major subject and in courses in other disciplines required for the major.

A minimum PGPA of 80.00% is required for graduation with Distinction.

A minimum PGPA of 85.00% is required for graduation with Great Distinction.


A minimum PGPA of 60.00% in all courses taken for the program and a minimum average of 65.00% in all courses taken in the major subject and in courses in other disciplines which are required for the major will be required for graduation.


To qualify for honours programs, students must attain a minimum GPA of 75.00% in all courses taken in the area of concentration (major discipline) and required cognate courses, and for high honours a minimum GPA of 85.00%.

Students who fail more than nine credit hours after the first 30 credit hours attempted at the University of Regina or any other post-secondary institution are not eligible to graduate with honours except by permission of the Faculty of Fine Arts Committee on Admissions, Studies and Procedures.

Students must consult individual departments to obtain full details of these programs.


  1. A minimum PGPA of 65.00% is required for graduation.
  2. A minimum PGPA of 80.00% is required for graduation with distinction.
  3. A minimum PGPA of 85.00% is required for graduation with Great Distinction.


To graduate, students must have a minimum PGPA of 65%.

13.6.7 MINORS

A minimum GPA of 65% is required in the courses required for the minor.


Students will have the International Designation added to their degree if they complete at least one of the following:

  • a semester (or more) out-of-country co-op work term, internship, or practicum, or
  • a minimum of three credit hours of courses taken by prior permission of the University of Regina at an on-site out-of-country post-secondary institution.
  • other international experiences will be considered on a case-by-case basis as approved by the Associate Dean, Undergraduate.




The following additional regulations apply to students registered in the Faculty of Fine Arts:

  1. A student may not receive credit for a 100-level course after receiving credit for a senior course in the same discipline, except by prior written permission of the department head. A course may not be repeated or taken for credit if it is a prerequisite for a course in the same discipline, for which credit has previously been obtained, except by prior written permission of the department head.
  2. Second Language requirement: students who must write a test of English language proficiency to gain admission to the University of Regina or students who pass a Language proficiency exam (see 20 or UR Self-Service, LANG 001) are exempt from completing the second language requirement as required for Honours degrees in Fine Arts. The credit hours will be fulfilled with courses from the Culture and Society area. Programs requiring specific languages are exempt.
  3. A student may select with departmental approval, up to 15 credit hours of courses designed as pass/fail to accommodate the Professional Placement Program and THAC 365AA-ZZ, 465AA-ZZ and THDS 365AA-ZZ, 465AA-ZZ. BMusEd students are excluded from this provision. Students may not use one course to fulfill two requirements of a degree.



Refer to 6.2 of this Calendar.

  1. General: Upon formal application by a student, the Faculty of Fine Arts will permit enrolment in two concurrent undergraduate programs, with prior approval of the appropriate Department Head(s) except the Bachelor of Music Education that may not be taken concurrently with another program.
  2. Primary Program: A student’s primary program will be the one the student declares as such, with department head’s approval.
  3. Admission to concurrent programs in the same faculty must have the approval of both department heads. The Faculty office will process the application.
  4. Registration: Students will be eligible to register in courses restricted to either of their two programs and will register with their primary Faculty.
    NOTES: i) Some courses may be restricted to first majors and then to second majors, ii) Some programs may require a block of courses be taken in the same semester, iii) Some courses are only offered once/year or once in every two years.
  5. Fees: Students in concurrent programs in different faculties will pay fees appropriate for both programs as per their registration.
  6. Awards: Students will be eligible for Faculty awards in the Faculty of their primary program only.
  7. Dean’s Honours List: Students will be eligible for inclusion on the Dean’s Honours List of their primary program only.
  8. Performance Regulations: University academic performance regulations will be applied by the Faculty of the primary program.
  9. Faculty and program academic performance regulations:  If the programs are in two different faculties, each faculty will apply its regulations governing performance within the faculty and program.

Change in primary program: When a student graduates or is required to discontinue from a primary program and the secondary program remains valid and current, a new student primary program record will be created.



Students may appeal the application of academic probation or a requirement to discontinue by writing to the Faculty of Fine Arts Appeals Committee. The appeal must be in writing and addressed to the Chair, Faculty of Fine Arts Appeals Committee, Faculty of Fine Arts, RC 267, University of Regina, Regina S4S 0A2.

The deadline for appeals is 15 working days after the date of the letter that informs the student of the academic action. Late appeals will not be heard.

Students who are required to discontinue from the faculty or a program may apply for transfer to another program or faculty. Refer to 2.7.

Consult also 5.14.2, Council Committee on Student Appeals.


Students who are unable to complete a course for serious medical or personal reasons should consult the Student Program Centre in the Faculty of Fine Arts or their Federated College’s Academic Office as quickly as possible.