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Additional information and forms referred to in the following items may be obtained from the convocation website:


Diplomas are printed with the full legal name of the graduate, as recorded in the University’s student information system at the time of graduation. Students are required to provide proof to the Registrar’s Office in support of any request for correction or change of name. The University may request proof of a legal name change when transcripts from an institution are in a name other than that appearing on an application for re-admission or faculty transfer, or if a name is entered on the application that does not match the name in the University’s records.

For information about acceptable forms of documentation and to print the required Change of Name form, refer to or consult either the Admissions Office or the Registrar’s Office. New applications may not be processed until proof is provided. Re-admissions and transfers will be processed under the current name on the University’s system until a Change of Name form and acceptable documentation are received.

Refer to §2.1.2 and 3.13 for more information.

Diplomas are issued at the Convocation ceremony to attending graduates. The remaining diplomas are held at the Registrar’s Office for approximately one month and are then mailed. In the interim, graduates with proof of identity may collect their diploma. A third party must have written, signed authorization from the graduate and show their photo identification in order to collect a diploma.


Graduates who need their diploma before the Convocation ceremony at which it is to be issued may apply to have it released early, by applying to the Registrar’s Office using the “Early Release of Parchment” order form on the Convocation home page (, accompanied by the processing fee.


Students may apply for duplicate, reprinted or replacement diplomas by applying to the Registrar’s Office. The following conditions apply:

  1. The University will issue duplicate diplomas, marked as such, upon request by a graduate and receipt of the prescribed fee. “Duplicate Diploma” order forms may be obtained from the Convocation home page (

  2. Upon request and with the submission of appropriate documentation, the University will change a student's legal name and, with submission of a completed 'Diploma Reprint' form and the appropriate fee, will reissue a diploma in the new legal name. The original diploma must be returned before a reprint is issued.

  3. A replacement diploma will only be produced if the original has been lost or destroyed (replacements are identified as such). The University requires a statement sworn before a notary public or commissioner of oaths in support of a graduate’s claim that a diploma has been lost or destroyed.

Order forms for a "Duplicate Diploma", "Diploma Reprint" or a "Replacement Diploma" may be obtained from the Convocation home page (

The prescribed fee must be received prior to processing.



Students who have an outstanding account with Financial Services, the Library, AV Services, or a federated college, may be approved for graduation, have their degree, diploma, or certificate conferred, and participate in the Convocation ceremony, Their diploma and any other certification, including transcripts, will be withheld until their account is paid in full.



Convocation is the assembly of the University Chancellor, the University Senate, and all graduates of the University of Regina. Convocation meets twice a year to present students with their degrees and to acknowledge scholarships and prizes. These ceremonies are usually held in early June, and in mid-October. Dates for the current year are listed at and

  • January 31st – deadline for receipt of applications for graduation for Spring Convocation. Students who apply to graduate between August 1 and January 31, and who complete their program requirements no later than the end of the Winter semester, are eligible to attend Spring Convocation
  • July 31st – deadline for receipt of applications for graduation for Fall Convocation. Students who apply between February 1 and July 31, and who complete their program requirements no later than the end of the Spring/Summer session, are eligible to attend Fall Convocation.

In early April, for Spring, and in early September, for Fall, those eligible to attend Convocation will be notified by e-mail when the convocation information has been posted. This information includes the date of their Convocation ceremony, a request form for guest tickets, and information about the ceremony, photographs, social functions, and other services available to graduates (e.g. diploma framing). Parents and friends are encouraged to attend the ceremony and the reception that follows. Every effort is made to fill all requests for guest tickets, but the constraints of space at the Conexus Arts Centre sometimes necessitate setting a limit.

Inquiries about the convocation ceremony may be directed to