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Student Employment Services provides career and job search services to University of Regina students who are looking for part-time, summer and graduate employment opportunities. Contact information is:

Student Employment Services
University of Regina Career Centre
Room 163, Dr. William Riddell Centre
University of Regina
Regina SK S4S 0A2
Tel: (306) 585-5161
Fax: (306) 585-4659

Services include:

  • On-campus recruitment and employment opportunities
  • A website,, which includes job postings, upcoming events, job search links, services and resources.
  • Individual employment counseling, career exploration, and critiquing of resumés
  • Office orientation
  • An on-line job registry open to all students and alumni
  • Employment information workshops on cover letters, resumé writing, interview preparation, portfolios and job searches
  • An annual all discipline Careers Day, held in late September
  • A Career Expo for Education students, held in late January
  • A Spring Job Fair, held in early February
  • Faculty specific workshops
  • Print, video and computer resources


HDPCRS exists to promote respectful behavior for everyone on campus; faculty, staff and students alike. Everyone in the University community has a role to play in ensuring that the University is free from discrimination, harassment and bullying. There are ways to make the university a positive and productive environment by; treating others with respect and dignity, evaluating your own beliefs and behaviours, participating in seeking solutions, speaking up if you believe that you or others are being treated inappropriately and seeking out consultation and support.

The Respectful Work and Learning Environment Policy: A Policy for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination, (Dec. 2006 and revised May 2010) prohibits harassment or discrimination on the basis of grounds set out in the Saskatchewan Human Rights Code and the Saskatchewan Occupational Health and Safety Act. The policy and procedures can be found at  Further information is available from HDPCRS and on-line at

If you feel you are being harassed, bullied or discriminated against, don’t pretend it’s not happening. In all likelihood the problem will not go away. If you feel safe and comfortable, speak directly to the person(s) about your concerns. Do not blame yourself; you cannot control the behavior of others. Make notes about what is happening, document dates, times, locations, witnesses and details of the incidents. Keep all email, text messages and electronic posts as they are important evidence. Seek out assistance.

There are many services and resources on campus providing assistance with related concerns, including Counselling Services, the Centre for Student Accessibility, University of Regina Student Union, Student Advocate, Women’s Centre and many others. These offices are also encouraged to consider referrals to, or consult with, HDPCRS when presented with potential issues of harassment or discrimination.

There are many possible solutions including personal coaching, mediation and a formal complaint process. Confidential consultations are available to anyone who feels that they have experienced inappropriate and disrespectful behavior. To support these services and promote a respectful work and learning environment, the HDPCRS also offers information sessions, workshops and facilitated seminars.

The Policy and Procedures outline multiple options for self-managed or assisted resolution of concerns and complaints, including a formal complaint process and a range of alternate resolution options.

Anyone with inquiries, seeking advice or information, looking to resolve conflict arising from harassment and discrimination or wishing to discuss alternate resolution options or file a complaint can visit HDPCRS, located in Room 251.14., Dr. William Riddell Centre, or contact the office by telephone (306)585-5400 or email at


The intent of the University of Regina’s inclusive language policy is to ensure a broad representation of people in written, visual, and oral communication; to stress the ability rather than the disability of individuals; to treat men and women with the same dignity, respect, and seriousness; and to ensure that material that may be considered biased is treated critically.

Inquiries may be directed to the University Secretary, AH 509, telephone 306-585-4436.


Smoking is prohibited in all University buildings owned or leased, University vehicles owned or leased, outdoor University areas used for sports, meetings or other gatherings. Smoking is prohibited within 6 meters of all ventilation intakes, doors and windows.

Designated areas have been identified for smoking on-campus. Receptacles will be provided outdoors in the designated areas that will limit the drifting of second hand smoke into buildings, walkways and entrances.

Advertising of tobacco products within the University of Regina is prohibited.