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Refer to 5.12 for University academic performance regulations.

Refer to 5.9 for definitions of Grade Point Averages (GPAs).


The Dean's Honours List is compiled each semester. The list has two parts, one for full-time students and the other for part-time students.

To be included on the full-time list students must have completed a minimum of 12 credit hours of numerically graded University of Regina courses in the current semester and have achieved a term grade point average (TGPA) of at least 85%.

Students will be included on the part-time list if they took at least 3 but less than 12 credit hours of numerically graded University of Regina courses in the current semester and achieved a GPA of at least 85% across all of the most recent semesters needed to complete a minimum of 12 credit hours of numerically-graded University of Regina courses since the semester in which they were last on the Deans Honours List (or, in the case of students who have never previously been on the Deans Honours List, since they were admitted to the University of Regina).

Inclusion on the Dean's Honours List will also be noted on students' official transcripts.


The Arts Student Services Office (or the relevant college) audits students academic performance after each semester (for this purpose the Spring and Summer semesters are treated as a single semester). Letters are mailed in May, September, and January to students who are placed on academic probation or required to discontinue (RTD) their studies. When RTDs are assessed, they are effective immediately. Students may appeal being placed on probation or required to discontinue, but must do so before the deadlines indicated in their letters. Appeals received by the deadline are heard within the term; late appeals will not be heard.

When the Arts Student Services Office (or the relevant college) evaluates academic performance, it may discount some failed courses from other faculties, if the course(s) are not required for the student's current program of study as anything other than open electives. Students who have voluntarily sat out a period of not less than two years may also have failures previous to this voluntary discontinuance discounted when their academic performance is evaluated.

Students who have been required to discontinue their studies must apply to be readmitted to the Faculty. The decision of the Faculty on such applications is final and cannot be appealed. Students who are re-admitted may have conditions placed upon them.

Students who fail ENGL 110 twice must seek advising and should immediately contact the Arts Student Services Office or their Federated Colleges Academic or Registrars Office.

The following additional regulations apply only to students registered in the programs indicated: BA in Police Studies

Students who are dismissed from their police service position before completing the internship will be required to discontinue indefinitely from the BA in Police Studies. BA in Journalism and Bachelor of Journalism

Students may be required to discontinue indefinitely from these programs if they cannot maintain a minimum TGPA of 65% or if they fail a required course.

Students may also be required to discontinue indefinitely from these programs if they fail their internship or if they do not maintain satisfactory academic performance or professional development. Readmission to the program is at the discretion of the School. A student has the right to appeal the School's decision to the Student Appeals Committee of the Faculty of Arts.




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