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Refer to §6 for Graduation Requirements.

Blank program outlines for all Arts programs are available on the Arts Student Services web page at


Students are no longer eligible to complete the Certificate in Human Justice, the former BA Major in Social Science, any BA Ordinary, Advanced, or Honours programs in effect before 1993, or the BHJ program in effect before Spring/Summer session 1998. Students who were working on these programs will need to meet the requirements of other, more current degrees instead. Students who are in doubt about their eligibility to complete an old program should consult the Arts Student Services Office (CL 411) or their College Registrar. Bachelor of Human Justice

Students who were admitted to the Bachelor of Human Justice program between Fall semester 1998 and Winter 2003 may complete the program requirements published in the Calendar in the academic year in which they were admitted to the program, as long as they do so before May 30, 2009. Students who do not meet the deadline, and students who were admitted prior to Fall term 1998 or after Winter 2003, must meet the current requirements of the program.


Students who wish to have their degree conferred as soon as possible after completing their requirements should apply while in their final semester of courses. Students who will be finishing in December need to apply by November 30th in order to have their degree conferred in February. Students who will be finishing in April need to apply by January 31st in order to have their degree conferred in June. Students who will be finishing during Spring/Summer session need to apply by July 31st in order to have their degree conferred in October.

Students who plan to attend the Convocation ceremony should note the relevant deadlines in §6.10. For more information about graduation, refer to §6.3 and §6.4. Certificates

Students who completed the requirements for a Certificate while working toward completion of a degree program may not apply to have the Certificate awarded if more than one year has elapsed since the degree was awarded.

9.6.3 GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS Calculation of Grade Point Averages (GPAs)

Refer to §5.9 for definitions and calculation of GPA.

  • Program GPA: For all degrees and most certificates, the Program GPA is calculated on all courses used in the program. For the Advanced Certificates and Honours Certificate, the Program GPA is calculated on the aggregate of degree and certificate courses.
  • Major and Minor GPA: Calculated on the courses used to meet the major and minor requirements.
  • Honours Major GPA: For Honours degrees and certificates, the Honours Major GPA is calculated on the courses used to meet the Honours major requirements. Second (non-Honours) major and minor GPAs are calculated on the courses used to meet the major or minor requirements. Minimum GPAs for Graduation (by Program)

Academic Program Program GPA Major GPA Honours Major GPA Minor GPA, if any

Bachelor of Arts
BA in Police Studies

60% 65% N/A 65%
BA in Resource & Environmental Studies 60% N/A N/A N/A
Bachelor of Arts Honours 70% 65% (for second major, non-Honours) 75% 65%
Bachelor of Health Studies 65% N/A N/A 65%
Bachelor of Human Justice 65% 70% N/A 65%
BA in Journalism
Bachelor of Journalism
65% 65% N/A 65%
Advanced Certificate in Criminal & Restorative Justice (CPS) 65% N/A N/A N/A
Other Advanced Certificates 60% 65% N/A N/A
Honours Certificate 70% N/A 75% N/A
Other Certificates 65% N/A N/A N/A Requirements for special mentions:
  • Bilingual mention/mention bilingue: A minimum of 40% and maximum of 60% of courses counted towards the degree program taken in French, including at least 3 courses from departments other than French (but must be from the Faculties of Arts, Fine Arts, or Science).
  • Co-op designation: completion of at least 3 co-op work terms.
  • International designation: completion of at least one of the following international experiences:
    • a one semester (or more) out-of-country co-op work term, internship, or practicum, or
    • a three credit hour (or more) University of Regina course (or a course taken on a letter of permission at another Canadian post-secondary institution) that includes at least two weeks out of the country. If the course includes less than two weeks out-of-country experience, the approval of the Dean or designate will be needed for the student to receive international designation, or participation in an international exchange program, completing three or more credit hours, or
    • a minimum of three credit hours of courses taken by prior permission of the University of Regina at an out-of-country post-secondary institution.
    • Other international experiences will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Distinction: For degrees (except Honours), the Advanced Certificates, and Certificates in French, a minimum graduating program GPA of 80%.
  • Great distinction: For degrees (except Honours), and the Advanced Certificates, a minimum graduating program GPA of 85%.
  • High Honours: For the BA Honours and Honours Certificate, a minimum Honours major GPA of 85%.

Students who believe they qualify for a Bilingual mention, Co-op or International designation must indicate this on their application for graduation. Awards of “Distinction”, “Great Distinction”, and “High Honours” are made automatically by the Faculty.




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