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Co-operative education is a degree option that allows students to combine their academic studies with career-related work placements, enabling them to integrate academic theory with practice in the field. The Faculty of Arts offers programs in co-operative education in all degrees, except for those with an internship or practicum component (Bachelor of Health Studies, the Bachelor of Human Justice, the BA (Police Studies), the BA (Journalism) and the Bachelor of Journalism).

Students spend alternate four-month periods taking university courses and working in fully-salaried jobs, often related to their discipline, with participating employers. Students in this program would complete a minimum of 3 four-month work terms in addition to their course work, so that it may take an additional 8-12 months to complete the degree requirements.

The benefits of co-operative education include improved motivation and academic performance, practical work experience that will help in career selection, financial gain while in school, and improved salaries and employment placement upon graduation.

9.11.1 Criteria for Entrance into the Co-operative Education Program in Arts

  1. Declaration of a major in Arts or a BSc or BSc Honours in a major offered by the departments of Economics or Geography. The Bachelor of Health Studies, the Bachelor of Human Justice, the BA (Police Studies), the BA (Journalism) and the Bachelor of Journalism are excluded.
  2. Completion of a minimum of 45 and a maximum of 84 credit hours in acceptable degree programs noted above in 1. Students may apply in the semester in which they will complete 45 credit hours.
  3. A program GPA of at least 70% and a major GPA of at least 70%.
  4. Full-time student status - registration in a minimum of 9 credit hours.
  5. Completion of ENGL 100 and 110 and at least two courses in their major.
  6. Students will be expected to demonstrate minimal standards of computer literacy, specifically knowledge of word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation software. A course (ARTS 007) will be provided by the Faculty on a cost recovery basis.
  7. Students who are completing two programs or degrees at the same time will be allowed to participate in the Co-operative Education Program in Arts, unless one of their programs requires a practicum, work placement, internship or professional training.

9.11.2 Registration in the Co-op Program

Students participate in the Co-operative Education Program under the direction of the Academic Co-op Coordinator. Policies, procedures and deadlines for Co-operative Education programs must be adhered to. Details are contained in of the Undergraduate Calendar, or see the Co-op Student Handbook at

Students register in and complete ARTS 001-004.

9.11.3 Continuation in and Completion of the Co-op Program

Successful completion of three work terms (which may be in different departments) is required for the Co-op designation, with a fourth work term being optional. A students final term must be academic study. Upon graduation there will be an appropriate designation on the diploma and transcript of each student who meets the requirements of the Faculty of Arts for the Co-operative Education program.

To continue in the Co-op program, students must maintain a PGPA of 70% and major GPA of 70% and must enroll in at least 9 credit hours in academic terms between work terms. (Specifically, in the term before a work term, the student must be enrolled in at least 9 credit hours.) Students who have one F grade for work terms will normally be required to withdraw from the Co-operative Education Program in the Faculty of Arts. Students must comply with the rules specified in the Co-op Student Handbook. Failure to follow the rules results in an automatic failure for the work term. The Academic Co-op Coordinator and the Associate Dean (Undergraduate) of Arts will resolve problems. Appeals may be made to the Faculty of Arts Students Appeal Committee.

Please contact the Co-operative Education Office, the Arts Students Services Office or consult our web page at for further information.

9.11.4 First Nations University of Canada Co-op Program

The First Nations University of Canada Co-op program parallels the policies and procedures of the University of Regina Arts Co-op program with the exceptions that (1) students will enroll in the First Nations Universitys Arts Co-op work terms, regardless of their degree program, and (2) the evaluation process is designed to meet the First Nations University of Canadas vision for students to understand the non-First Nations system by retaining First Nations values.




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