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9.16.0 Faculty
9.16.1 General Information
9.16.2 BA Major in Economics and Society
9.16.3 BA Major in Economics
9.16.4 BA Honours Major in Economics
9.16.5 BA Combined Major in Economics and Business Administration
9.16.6 BA Combined Major in Economics and Geography
9.16.7 BA Combined Honours Major in Economics and Geography
9.16.8 BA Combined Major in Economics and History
9.16.9 BSc Major in Economics
9.16.10 BSc Honours Major in Economics
9.16.11 Sc Combined Major in Statistics and Economics
9.16.12 Minor in Economics
9.16.13 Certificate in Economics

9.16.0 FACULTY

Hafiz A. Akhand, BA Hons, MA (Dhaku), PhD (Queen's), Associate Professor

Jason Childs, BA Hons (Mt Allison), MA, PhD (McMaster), Associate Professor

Monika Çule, BSc (Tirana), MSc (ICAMAS, Paris), PhD (Saskatchewan), Assistant Professor

Fazal Dar, BSc, MSc (Saskatchewan), MAdmin (Regina), Instructor

Viktoriya Galushko, BSc, MSc (Nat Ag Univ, Kiev), MSc (EERC, Kiev), PhD (Saskatchewan), Assistant Professor

Marion E. Jones, BA Hons (Toronto), PhD (London), Associate Professor

Harvey B. King, BA (Alberta), MA, PhD (Western Ontario), Associate Professor and Director of the Centre for Continuing Education

Richard A. Kleer, BA, MA, PhD (Toronto), Associate Professor and Acting Dean of Arts

Woong Lee , BA (Dankook), PhD (UC Irvine), Assistant Professor

Gary N. Tompkins, BA Hons (Queen's), MA, PhD (Western Ontario), Associate Professor

Stuart J. Wilson, BA Hons, MA (Concordia), PhD (Queen’s), Associate Professor and Head of Economics Professors Emeriti

Dr. John R. Allan

Dr. Jack A. Boan


The Department of Economics offers several four-year Bachelor of Arts degrees in: Economics, Economics and Business Administration, Economics and History, Economics and Geography, and Economics and Society. It is also possible to get a minor in Economics, an Economics Certificate, or a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Economics.

The majors in Economics (both BA and BSc) are good choices for students who plan to work as professional economists, whether in the private, public, or non-profit sectors. These majors place greater emphasis on theory and quantitative analysis than does the major in Economics and Society, which is not intended for those who plan to go on to graduate training in economics. The major in Economics and Society is designed for students who want a liberal-arts approach to economics, who are preparing for professional schools (such as law or accounting), or who plan to attend graduate programs in business, public administration, or international relations. Compared to the majors in Economics, this major places more emphasis on policy and applications. Students taking this major are strongly urged to combine it with a minor or major in another social science or with the Diploma of Business Administration.

The combined majors are a good choice for students with interests in an interdisciplinary approach to economics and related disciplines.

The honours majors in Economics (both BA and BSc) are the best choices for those planning on a career as a professional economist or hoping to pursue graduate studies in economics. The honours majors require more economics courses than any of the other economics majors, including more courses that emphasize theory, mathematics, and quantitative methods. They are more intensive and theoretically-oriented than the other majors, but do open up more career opportunities.

Program outlines are available on the web. Select the Choosing a Program link on

For all degree programs in Economics, ECON 100 is highly recommended, but not mandatory. Students who have successfully completed ECON 201 and 202, or any 300-level ECON course, may not afterwards take ECON 100 for credit.

BUS/ADMN 340, Government Finance, may be counted as 200-level credit in economics (but see note to ECON 232 in Undergraduate Course Catalog).




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