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9.20.0 Faculty

9.20.1 BA Major in French

9.20.2 BA Honours Major in French

9.20.3 Minor in French

9.20.4 Assistantships and Exchanges

9.20.5 French Course Selection

9.20.0 FACULTY

Emmanuel Aito, BA Hons (Nigeria), DPA (Grenoble III), MA, PhD (Dalhousie), Associate Professor and Head of French

Lois Barlow-Wilson, BA, BA Hons, MA, BEd (Saskatchewan), Instructor

Joanne Bonneville, BA Hons (Regina), Instructor

Nadine Bouchardon, LèsL (Université de Saint-Etienne) , MA (Regina), Instructor

Nicole Côté, BA Hons, MA, PhD (Laval), Associate Professor

Peter Dorrington, BA Hons, MA, PhD (Dalhousie), Assistant Professor and Acting Director of Institut français

Brigitte Haguès, LèsL (Université de Haute-Bretagne, France), Instructor

Françoise Kenny, Graduée en Logopédie (Institut Supérieur Provincial de Logopédie, Belgique) Instructor

David Lawlor, BA (Regina), Instructor

Celine Magnon, BA, MA (Nice), MA (UQAM), Instructor

Sylvain Rheault, BA, MA, PhD (Montreal), Associate Professor

Lynne Stewart, BEd (Saskatchewan), MA (Regina), Instructor Professors Emeriti

Dr. Ellen Chapco

Barbara de Vlieger

Dr. Raphael Pierson

Dr. Brian Rainey

Dr. Sybile Tremblay

Dr. Bernard Wilhelm

Program outlines are available on the web. Select the Choosing a Program link on

Note: FR 100, 101, 102, 110 and 113 do not count towards a French major or minor but each receives degree program credit




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