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9.23.0 Faculty

9.23.1 BA Major in History

9.23.2 BA Major in Urban History

9.23.3 Combined Major in Economics and History

9.23.4 Honours Major in History

9.23.5 Honours Major in Urban History

9.23.6 Minor in History


9.23.0 FACULTY

Mark Anderson, DipJournalism (Mount Royal), BS, MA (Portland State), PhD (California), Professor, Luther College

Raymond Blake, BAHons, BEd (Memorial University of Newfoundland), MA, PhD (York), Professor

Thomas M. Bredohl, BA, MA (Dalhousie), PhD (Toronto), Associate Professor and Associate Dean (Research & Graduate)

J. William Brennan, BA, (Saskatchewan), MA (Saskatchewan, Regina Campus), PhD (Alberta), Professor

Philip Charrier, BJ (Carleton), MA (Toronto), PhD (Cambridge), Associate Professor

Allison D. Fizzard, BA Hons (Memorial University of Newfoundland), MA, PhD (Toronto), Associate Professor, Campion College

Dawn Flood, BA (Wisconsin-Stevens Point), MA, PhD (Illinois), Assistant Professor, Campion College

Robin Ganev, BA Hons, MA, PhD (York), Assistant Professor

Ian Germani, BA Hons (Acadia), MA, PhD (Queen's), Associate Professor  and Head of History

Stephen D. Kenny, BA (Windsor), MA (Western Ontario), PhD (Ottawa), Professor, Campion College

Kenneth Leyton-Brown, BA, BA Hons (Saskatchewan), MA (Regina), LLB, PhD (Queen’s), Associate Professor

Yvonne Petry, BA, BA Hons (Regina), MA (Saskatchewan), PhD (Manitoba), Associate Professor, Luther College

James M. Pitsula, BA Hons (Saskatchewan), MA, PhD (York), Professor Professors Emeriti

Ray Cleveland

Brian Dalsin

André N. Lalonde

Robin Swales

Clinton O. White

Bernard Zagorin

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