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9.28.0 Faculty

9.28.1 How to Choose a Language Course

9.28.2 BA Major in Chinese

9.28.3 Minor in Chinese

9.28.4 Certificate in Chinese

9.28.5 BA Major in German

9.28.6 Minor in German

9.28.7 Certificate in German

9.28.8 BA Major in Japanese

9.28.9 Minor in Japanese

9.28.10 Certificate in Japanese

9.28.11 BA Major in Spanish

9.28.12 Minor in Spanish

9.28.13 Certificate in Spanish


9.28.0 FACULTY

Anne Ashton, BA (Honours) (U of London), Cert. Ed (Cambridge); Instructor of German and German Language Coordinator

Dongyan Blachford, BA (Beijing), MEd (Regina), PhD (Toronto); Associate Professor of Mandarin Chinese and Associate Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research

Tomoko Lamb, BA (Tokyo), BEd (Regina), MEd (Regina); Instructor of Japanese and Japanese Coordinator

Li McLeod, BA, BEd (U of Sask.), MA (U of Ottawa); Instructor of Spanish

Ranka Minic-Vidovic, BA Hons (Belgrade), PhD (British Columbia), Assistant Professor of Spanish

Bruce Plouffe, BA (Honours), MA, PhD (McGill); Associate Professor of German and Head of International Languages

Cristina Torres de la Hoz, BEd (U of Sask); Instructor of Spanish and Spanish Language Coordinator

Lily Wang, BA (Jinan), Med (Regina), Instructor of Chinese and Chinese Language Coordinator

Michael Zimmermann BA Hons (Waterloo), MA (Queen's), PhD (Waterloo); Assistant Professor of German Professors Emeriti

Dr. Klaus Burmeister

Dr. Guenter Kocks

Program outlines are available on the web. Select the Choosing a Program link on

The Department of International Languages offers courses in Chinese (Mandarin), German, Japanese, Spanish, Korean and Arabic.



It is recommended that students with a background in a language (either from grade 11 or 12 or from living or studying in another language speaking environment) receive a placement test prior to registering in their first language course. Arrangements for the placement test can be made with the Department of International Languages.

  1. Introductory courses in Chinese (Mandarin), German, Japanese, and Spanish carry program credit; however, CHIN 100, GER 100, and JAPN 100 do not count towards a major or minor.
  2. Students with grade 12 standing in a language will not normally receive credit for 100. However, students whose grade 12 (level III) second-language standing dates from five or more years previous to their registration in a University of Regina language course, and who, in the interim, have not taken any courses in that language, may choose to meet the second language requirement of the BA, and receive credit, by taking the introductory sequence of 100 and 101.
  3. Students who have some knowledge of their selected language, must consult the department for placement before registering.
  4. The Department has, or is developing, options for students to study and obtain program credit abroad. Please contact the Department for more information.




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