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9.30.0 Faculty

9.30.1 General Information

9.30.2 Pre-Journalism

9.30.3 Admission to the School of Journalism

9.30.4 BA in Journalism (BAJ)

9.30.5 Bachelor of Journalism (BJ)

9.30.6 Course Sequencing

9.30.7 Evaluation of Academic Performance


9.30.0 FACULTY

Gennadiy Chernov, BA (Volgograd), MA (North Carolina at Chapel Hill), PhD (Oregon at Eugene), Assistant Professor

Mitch Diamantopoulos, BAHon, MA (Regina), Assistant Professor and Head of Journalism

Patricia Elliott, BA, MA (Regina), Assistant Professor

Robin Lawless, Broadcast Lab Instructor

Mark Suggit, BA (Regina), Lab Instructor Professor Emeritus

Ronald Robbins


Two degree programs are offered: the Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Journalism and the Bachelor of Journalism (BJ). The BA in Journalism is a four-year, 120-credit hour degree consisting of two stages: two years of pre-journalism in the Faculty of Arts and a two year program in the School of Journalism. The BJ is a two-year, 60-credit hour degree designed for students with a previous degree who seek a specialization in journalism.

The School provides broadly-based courses in print, radio, and television journalism. Digital radio and television studios, cameras, editing, and mixing equipment are available to students. The School offers desktop publishing and internet facilities for the dissemination of student-produced stories. Students will critically analyze journalistic practice as well as produce stories for newspapers, magazines, and radio and television newscasts.

Program outlines are available on the web. Select the Choosing a Program link on




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