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9.36.0 Faculty

9.36.1 General Information

9.36.2 BA Major in Psychology

9.36.3 Honours Major in Psychology

9.36.4 Minor in Psychology


9.36.0 FACULTY

Dennis P. Alfano, BSc, MA, PhD (Toronto), Professor

Katherine Arbuthnott, BEd, MEd, PhD (Saskatchewan), Professor and Assistant Dean, Campion College

Gordon J. G. Asmundson, BA Hons, MA, PhD (Manitoba), Professor

Angelina Baydala, BA (McGill), MA (Toronto), MSc (Calgary), PhD (Calgary), Associate Professor

Heather D. Hadjistavropoulos, BA Hons. (Saskatchewan), MA, PhD (British Columbia), Professor

Thomas Hadjistavropoulos, BA Hons. (McGill), MA, PhD (Saskatchewan), Professor and Director, Centre on Aging and Health

Mary Hampton, BA (Valparaiso), EdM (Boston), BdD (Harvard), Professor, Luther College

Lynn Loutzenhiser, BA Hons (Saskatchewan), MA (Guelph), PhD (Saskatchewan), Associate Professor

Richard N. MacLennan, BA Hons, MA, PhD (Western Ontario), Professor and Head of Psychology

Christopher Oriet, BSc (McMaster), MA, PhD (Waterloo), Associate Professor

Thomas L. Phenix, BA Hons (Regina), MA, PhD (Saskatchewan), Assistant Professor, Campion College

Heather Price, BA Hons (Victoria), MA, PhD (Simon Fraser), Assistant Professor

Katherine M. Robinson, BA Hons (Bishop’s), MSc, PhD (Alberta), Associate Professor, Campion College

Donald Sharpe, BA (British Columbia), MA, PhD (Manitoba), Associate Professor and Co-Coordinator of Health Studies and Acting Associate Dean (Undergraduate)

Regan Shercliffe, BA Hons (Regina), MA, PhD (Simon Fraser), Associate Professor, Luther College

William E. Smythe, BA Hons (Western Ontario), MA, PhD (Toronto), Associate Professor

Cannie Stark, BA, MSc, PhD (McGill), Professor and Director of the Organizational and Social Psychology Research Unit

Laurie Sykes Tottenham, BA Hons (Regina), PhD (Saskatchewan), Assistant Professor

Kristi Wright, BA Hons, MA (Regina), PhD (Dalhousie), Assistant Professor Professors Emeriti

Dr. Paul Antrobus

Dr. Duncan Blewett

Dr. Siu L. Chow

Dr. Lorne Elkin

Dr. Robert J. Moore

Dr. William Muir

Dr. Joan Roy

Dr. Josef Schubert

Dr. William Wynn


The major and honours programs in psychology emphasize a strong foundation in psychological studies, with the possibility of concentration in particular areas of the discipline. Students are encouraged to consult with faculty members regarding 300- and 400-level courses appropriate to particular streams of concentration in psychology.

Program outlines are available on the web. Select the Choosing a Program link on




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